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Thursday, 26 December 2013

New Video Alert - Miley Cyrus - Adore You

In one final attempt to get more attention before the year is out Miley Cyrus releases new video and it's a bit of a anti-climax...

The Wrecking Ball singer takes things to a WHOLE new level as she released video for Adore You, the third single to be released of her album Bangerz. The video is meant to once again 'shock' people to view the track with the singer rolling around under bed sheets repeatedly touching her self inappropriately.

One word: BORING!!!

We actually like the track itself but the video leaves us unsatisfied. So our advice to you Miley Cyrus; you have had your attention for 2013, it was a very clever pop marketing campaign, but to be honest, we just feel unsatisfied by the whole thing for the amount of hype you received. You got what you wanted i.e attention, so can you please go back to being a pop star and focusing on good pop music. Thanks.

Watch the new video below. If you can be bothered..!

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