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Monday, 16 December 2013

New Video Alert - Max & Bianca - Love Drunk

Without a reality TV show in sight, Max & Bianca are ready to take on the pop world their own way with new track Love Drunk...
We recently introduced you to these new pop stars on the block and they are wanting to bring us pop with edge and substance. Their debut single certainly does that, after collaborating with Australia's other dynamic writer/producers DNA, Love Drunk is pop with balls! With its catchy synth beats, fun lyrics and charging chorus, if it was released by Katy Perry it would be a smash hit world wide.

The video to accompany the track was released on Friday and see's the unique boy/girl duo causing havoc around a mansion, as they playfully fight to depict the theme of a couple being in love, but everything has gone wrong and they don’t how to deal with it.

It’s a charging pop song that certainly set’s Max & Bianca as exciting new pop stars on the Australian charts.

Stay tuned for later this week for our interview with the new duo on the block, where we talk everything from being pop stars, loving Britney Spears, being multi talented and reality TV show weaknesses.

Check out the new video below and grab your copy of Love Drunk on iTunes now..!

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