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Friday, 13 December 2013

New Album Review - Jesse McCartney - In Technicolor Part 1

 It's been almost 10 years since Jesse McCartney showed us his beautiful soul. And his beautiful voice. And his beautiful face. And his beautiful...well, you get it. He's beautiful. But beauty only goes so far for teen heartthrobs, and not all of them stand the test of time. Sure, you loved teen Jesse, but does adult Jesse deserve your attention...

Yes. Wholeheartedly, the answer is yes. He's got a great voice. Unfortunately, he currently suffers from a debilitating disease that has afflicted many a pop star. An illness that prevents him from being a respected artist because he appears way too much like someone else. Yes, friends, Jesse McCartney has a case of the Timberlakes.

Now, it's understandable to want to emulate an artist you enjoy, particularly if they're as successful as Justin Timberlake. There's following in one's footsteps, though, and then there's desperately trying to piggyback on someone. That's actually the perfect metaphor here. Jesse is way too big to be doing this, he's probably irritating the heck out of ol' JT, and it just looks sad to anyone watching from a distance.

Both of their debut albums were "uniquely" marketed as pop with urban influence. Guess whose came first. Jesse then cut his hair and delivered Departure (which was actually a phenomenal pop record). It just too closely followed JT's sound and style from FutureSexx/LoveSounds. And this year, Justin owned the charts with a throwback album to an old era. So what's Jesse's next move?

Yep. A throwback album. Although his is supposed to reflect the 70s, the comparison is still too hard to ignore. And what's Jesse wearing on the album cover? You guessed it. A Suit and Tie. And it's called In Technicolor Part 1. PART 1!

It might as well say Jesse Timberlake on it.

Now, if the music was original, all of this could be overlooked. But this four song EP (complete with JT-esque opening mini song) is anything but. Jesse sounds great, but the songs sound like they belonged on The 20/20 Experience Part 3, or maybe even 4 (and please, Justin, don't get any ideas and keep milking the 20/20 cow. She's ready to be put out to pasture).

The news isn't all bad, as Jesse manages to show his potential with the final track, Checkmate. It has a sexy swagger and sound but still feels uniquely Jesse. It also sounds like it has the motorcycle noises from Battletoads in it. That's a compliment, by the way.

Now, let's be clear. We don't think the JT obsession is Jesse's fault. He doesn't have too much clout to argue with his record label at this point, and we'd bet money that's where the problem lies. We're just hoping the album Mr. McCartney is supposed to drop in 2014 is more Checkmate than Timberlake.

Go buy Checkmate on iTunes to send that message loud and clear. And check out Jesse's video for Leavin' below, in case you need a reminder of his sexy back...oh god, now we're even doing it..!

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