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Friday, 6 December 2013

New Album Review - Britney Spears - Britney Jean

Britney Spears' album Britney Jean dropped worldwide this week, so we’ve been listening all week, so we can bring you our honest thoughts on what was said to be her most personal album to date...

With heavy weight producers and William Orbit working on the album, surely we could only expect great things, surely? Well if we are truly honest, it only partly met our expectations. Let us explain.

Currently number one album on iTunes and maybe set for No.1 status at the weekend (if it can out shift more units that One Direction's Midnight Memories) the album is great in places, ok in others but definitely contains a few misses, that make it a bit of a mixed bag. Yes, we know, SnapCacklePop loves Britney, however doesn’t mean we can’t be honest with our review.

Let’s start with opening track Alien. AMAZING. The William Orbit produced track with its delicate melodic synth percussion against hypnotic trance beats its brilliant. Then you have first single Work Bitch that we dare anyone in the world to admit they haven’t strutted down a hall way to this great track singing "You gotta work bitch". Its a high energy track that explodes with Britney singing to a pulsating electro club beat.

Then we have the Sia penned mid tempo ballad Perfume, which has a great melody, strong lyrics and one of the stronger cleaner vocals we had seen from Britney. returns the favour after Scream & Shout, with It Should Be Easy - a dance anthem with skipping beats and a good dose of Britney auto tuned to death. It’s a very catchy track that will no doubt be a smash hit when released as a single, coz you know its gonna be!!!

Tik Tik Boom enlists the help of T.I. that seems to be attempting to be the Big Fat Bass off Femme Fatale, however doesn’t hit the same level. Body Ache written by the fabulous Nick Clow, could actually have featured on a David Guetta, Nothing But The Beat 18.0 with its pulsating beats and charging chorus however nothing exactly new here, but still Britney fun. Til Its Gone is pleasant enough and with it’s strong production and kick ass chorus, Passenger is a good Britney track.

Britney's little sis Jamie Lynn comes into the spotlight for the mid tempo track Chill’in With You, that if we are honest, sounds very dated and bit junior. With lyrics that fail to impress, perhaps this track should of just been left to be sung around the Britney mansion and not end up on a album. Don’t Cry is an interesting track that starts with potential then kind of comes of the rails a bit.

It surprised us that the bonus tracks are just in the “bonus” part of the album as both Brightest Morning Star and Hold On Tight are actually strong mid-tempo ballads and Now That I Found You ends the album as its began, amazingly! Its sugar coated pop we love from Britney with its delicate verses, charging euro pop chorus that makes us want to scream “Yeeeehhhhaaaaa!”

We are not sure the words “most personal album to date” should be associated with Britney Jean as we feel no way closer to understanding Britney after listening to the album. Does it match the brilliance of Femme Fatale or Blackout? Definitely not! But does it have some GREAT singles? For sure! However, as an overall album, it PAINS us to say, it’s a mixed bag of tracks and not her best offering over her long spanning career.

We still LOVE Britney to pieces and the eighth studio album does tick many of our Britney pop boxes, however it’s the inconsistency throughout the album, with a few over produced tracks that are totally out of place and the lack of originality that let the album down. That said we are giving it 3 out of 5 pop stars (maybe 3.25 at a push), due to great tracks that save it.

Britney Jean is available on iTunes now. Oh and make sure you buy the deluxe version, otherwise you only get 36 minutes of Britney instead of a 51minutes instead..!

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