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Thursday, 5 December 2013

Introducing - Max & Bianca..!

SnapCacklePop love when Australia get pop right and we can’t help but be excited about new pop duo Max & Bianca

Have a think for a minute.  How many pop duos have there been in the last 30 years, where there was a guy and a girl and they both shared lead vocals?

The Ting Tings? Nope, the male Ting doesn't sing.
Roxette? Uh uh.
Wham? Now you're getting silly.
You might even have to go back as far as Sonny and Cher. 

Sonny and Cher…Ridiculous.

Max and Bianca are two frighteningly talented young Australians stepping up to fill this particular void in pop music.  They're doing it the hard, old fashioned way as well, by getting together, getting good and connecting with people. Without a reality TV talent show in sight. You know things have changed when it's unusual for artists not to have been on television before releasing their music.

“It’s strange,” Max says with a laugh, “So many of the people doing what we do already have such a huge profile from being on TV. We’re working hard to connect with people and are just sayin’ ‘Please love us too!’”

These two have certainly already invested a lot of time and effort in honing their craft as songwriters, musicians and performers.

Bianca says, “We’re hoping people will see that we’re real, that we write our own music, play our instruments and don’t need a wall of studio gear to sing.”

Max and Bianca have one of those musical relationships that was always meant to be.  Mutual friends could already see that before they’d even met. The guys had both been a part of the prestigious ‘Talent Development Project’ run for schools in N.S.W. and were introduced by buddies who knew them both, and also knew they’d sound good together. 

They were right. That was over three years ago, since then they’ve spent a lot of quality time together (sometimes they’d say too much), working with the single purpose of honing their abilities as collaborators. For Max and Bianca, this comes from not just a desire to improve, but also to innovate – to carve out their own unique space in the pop landscape.

Both Max and Bianca started displaying their musical prowess from an early age. Bianca’s dad was in a band and the house was filled with a strange mix of The Beatles and show tunes every Sunday morning. Bianca caught the bug early on – 5 years old in fact - learning a range of instruments as well as singing and songwriting.  At 16 Bianca won the schoolies section of the Music Oz awards for her songwriting and released an EP of original material. It was pretty much only ever going to be a career in music for Bianca.

It was the same for Max. Dad was a guitar teacher, so Max started piano (small childhood rebellion). He was one of only 7, out of over 300, to get accepted for the Talent Development Project, juggling a Bachelor of Arts in Music at the same time.  Max also knew a good opportunity when he saw one. When he was 16 he wanted to go to China with the school orchestra but the only spot open was for the double bass. “My dad teaches that!” was Max’s first thought, and soon he was off to China (He wanted to quit as soon as he got back but his Dad made him keep taking lessons).

Musically, Max and Bianca draw from the same river that flows from artists like P!nk and Katy Perry – quality pop music with substance.  

In fact the guys hooked up with Phil Tan, the man behind Katy Perry’s ‘Firework,’ to mix the kaleidoscope of dual vocals, synths, guitars and beats that Max and Bianca had lovingly assembled over many months.

Max and Bianca’s brand of pop music has dimension and edge as well.

Don’t believe us then new single Love Drunk, the third song Max and Bianca ever wrote together – is their debut single proves why they are a good example of this.

Max explains: “It’s all about a couple being in love, but everything has gone wrong and they don’t how to deal with it - or if they even want to.” 

Max and Bianca want to make ‘window down, driving in the car, singing along’ type music - made with substance and style. A fine goal indeed.

It’s good to know this mission is in the hands of two young artists with such ‘joie de vivre’ - if you’re a snobby French guy; or ‘lust for life’ if you’re Iggy Pop. Max and Bianca throw themselves into their music with everything they’ve got and they’ve gone about it the old fashioned way, with hard work and talent.

Max & Bianca SCP have officially put you on our One To Watch list for 2014, don't let us down as we will be watching. Love Drunk is available on iTunes pre-order now..!

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