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Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Introducing - Emily Hearn..!

The world of pop music is pretty diverse right now, but it often feels as if commercial appeal and high-end production outweigh actual musical skill. Luckily, artists like Sara Bareilles, Adele, and Colbie Caillat are managing to be successful based solely on their talent. So if you're a fan of those amazing ladies, you definitely need to check out Emily Hearn...

Singer/songwriters often have an uphill climb to achieve success in the music industry. There's strong pressure to cave into the wishes of record companies to score a deal, and if you refuse and choose to go the independent route,'ve just got thousands of aspiring talent to contend with without the benefit of any money or major marketing push.

In other words, it's tough to stand out.

But all it takes is one listen to Emily's music to see why she does. Her music is decidedly pop (just try to not bounce when listening to upbeat tunes like Wreck), but never sacrifices the authenticity of a truly talented singer/songwriter. 

You're never under the impression that she's singing someone's else songs. It's clear from the lyrics and the way she sings them that she has lived these songs. And the mark of a truly talented singer/songwriter is to make you feel like you've lived them, too. Mission accomplished, Emily.

Mixing vulnerability and power is yet another of her strengths. When she needs her voice to soar, it does. But when she needs it to convey a quiet and somber emotion, she's able to do so without losing any of the power in her voice. A lot of pop stars today could take a lesson from her about the importance of subtlety in an emotional song.

In fact every winner of American Idol, The X-Factor, or any other talent competition should be forced to listen to her effortless delivery in I'm Fine(Fewer vocal runs, people. We get it. You all got pipes...)

It doesn't hurt that Emily's absolutely gorgeous and not afraid to let her fans into her personal life (without any Justin Bieber -esque ego). For her current single, she chose to use video from her actual wedding. It's the perfect example of her sincerity and authenticity in every aspect of her music. 

Hopefully the rest of the world continues to take note. You can buy her new single, Found a Heart, at iTunes, and check out the video for it (wedding footage, gush!) below..!

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