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Friday, 27 December 2013

Interview - Third D3Gree

Want an different kind of pop, then you need a Different Kind Of Love from new pop group on the block Third D3Gree...
They may have come fourth in the recent series of Australia's The X-Factor however we think we'll be seeing a lot more of this super group. Their debut track is A-MAZ-ING and we recently had the chance to catch up with the dynamic trio to talk future music, having the fighting spirit, loving The Black Eyed Peas, what's planned for 2014, dance offs, arm wrestles and drinking competitions. It's the SnapCacklePop Interview with Third D3Gree...

OMG OMG OMG, Third D3Gree WELCOME to SnapCacklePop!!
All: Thank you for having us...

We hope you can sense our excitement as we think you new track is amazeballs. How are you feeling about releasing your first official single?

Kelebek: So excited and pumped!

Jacinta: We are all so excited that we were able to release ‘Different Kind of Love’. We just really love the song, and had such a good time recording it so we are really happy we can share it with everyone!

Jordan: We were SO excited when we heard that we were going to be releasing our winner single! It feels like a dream come true!

It plays to all your strengths as artists don’t you think?

Kelebek: Yeah it definitely does

Jacinta: Yeah I think it does! We all get to showcase our individual talents within the song while also being apart of THIRD D3GREE, it’s the best of both worlds!

Jordan: Yes the song definitely plays to all of our strengths. It’s a perfect fit for all of our vocals and Kelebek’s rapping.

You were all cited as writers on the track, is this something that is important to you all?

Kelebek: It’s very important to us because it’s something we shared together as a group and help each other with. A good memory.

Jacinta: Definitely! We wrote Kelebek’s rap in the song and had such a fun time doing it! Writing is so important because we get to express ourselves and show people what THIRD D3GREE is all about. It’s so much fun writing with your two closest friends.

Jordan: Yeah! I think if we are going to release a song we want it to have our input on the track! It was really fun writing the rap together.

So let’s go back to the beginning, it wasn’t a happy moment when the three of you were brought together as a group by the judges. How did you each honestly feel when that happened?

Kelebek: We were most concerned about that fact that we were strangers and didn’t know much about each other, so it was at first hard to get each others ideas… But in the end we all came around and work together!

Jacinta: Haha yes that moment was an interesting one to say the least! I think we just felt; “how are we going to pull something together that has to be good enough to get us through to Home visits in less that 24hrs with two strangers who we know nothing about?!” haha we also thought it was a bit of a weird combination as well it being two girls and one guy, but that’s mainly because we were so used to only all boy groups or all girl groups!

Jordan: I think it was a shock to us all, we were obviously grateful for the second chance but we weren’t sure how the mixed group was going to work... we had never seen or heard of a group with two girls and one guy so it was just a shock I guess.

What was the biggest challenge and turning point for each of you through that experience?

Kelebek: Figuring each other out.

Jacinta: I think our biggest challenge was to trust each other when we didn’t know anything about one another! We just had to have faith that we were all going for the same thing and all had the same dream and that we were going to help each other achieve it together! Our turning point was our first performance as a group at super bootcamp! We sang ‘No Diggity’ and got such an amazing reaction from the judges and the audiences that made us realise how cool this group is!

Jordan: I think the biggest challenge that night was trying to come up with a show to perform in front of an audience in less than 24 hours... It was really tough, but after we performed and got the response from the audience and judges that we did, we really started to trust in the judge’s decision.

You seem to come together quite quickly as a group and performed some great tracks, which was your favourite?

Kelebek: We enjoyed most of our performances in particular, Pump it, By the Way and That Power.

Jacinta: Funnily enough we LOVED performing in rock week – ‘By the Way’ by the Red Hot Chilli Peppers. Mainly because we expected it to go so badly because we are SO not rock and roll haha! But it went so well and we had the best time performing on stage with a live band! It was heaps of fun!

Jordan: My personal favorite would have to be By The Way - Red Hot Chili Peppers. It was a tough week for us and we didn’t expect to do as well as we did!

How did it feel to be in the bottom two for many weeks?

Kelebek: Was definitely the worst feeling especially when you have to verse the other contestants, because we had grown such great bonds with everyone on the show was very sad to see people go.

Jacinta: It wasn’t the best feeling but we tried not to take it to heart too much. We knew every time we were in the bottom it was our chance to prove why we were in the competition in the first place and just had to stay positive and perform to our best!

Jordan: It felt really crappy the first week but I think after that we just treated it like another chance to show Australia what we can really do.

We applaud you for fighting spirit and never giving up. [SCP applaudes] So you have created a unique blend of R&B, Pop and a bit of hip-hop rap in your new single Different Kind Of Love. Who would you say are your major influences and who do you compare yourself too?

Kelebek: A big one would be Black Eyed Peas

Jacinta: We love The Black Eyed Peas and would probably compare ourselves to them… but not completely because we have more of a vocal element in our performances and songs than BEP do. We individually like different artists; I love Beyonce, and Jessie J, they are my biggest inspirations as female vocalists.

Jordan: For me, my major influences are Michael Jackson, Chris Brown and Usher.

Should we expect more dance, rap, hip-hop tracks from you in the future?

Kelebek: For sure! Working on making our tracks more fresh ;)

Jacinta: Yes and no! THIRD D3GREE are known for being unpredictable I think! We want to try and bring back r’n’b / urban feels to songs but always still keeping it pop and fun. We want our songs to come on and people to feel like that want to dance!

Jordan: We are still trying to find our "sound" so I guess in the future it might change!

You all have gone through quite a style make over on the show and there were some big visual stage productions on The X-Factor. Which do you think is more important having a great show or captivating voice?

Kelebek: Both, I think to be an entertainer in general that grabs the attention of the crowd or audience there performing to!

Jacinta: Wow, both are equally as important, I don’t think you can have one without the other.

Jordan: For Third D3gree I think it was important to have a mix of both we love to put on a great show but still try and let our vocals shine though.

So, time to dish the dirt on the judges, what is Nat Bass really like?

Kelebek: Nat Bass is hands down the best mentor on the X-factor. Kind, bubbly, inspiring and super sexy ;)

Jacinta: Nat Bass is a truly incredible woman with the most amazing heart, and dedication! She was more than a mentor to us, she was constantly working to make sure we were comfortable and ready to take to the stage. She would stay back late to rehearse with us, have long phone calls to us and yeah, she is just amazing! We love her.

Jordan: Nat is actually the best, the amount of time and effort she put into us was admirable! She stayed back after hours visited when she didn’t need to. She was really just there for us all the time.

If you HAD TO, choose one other judge to be mentored by, which one would you choose?

Kelebek: Most likely Red Foo. I mean come on the man is RIDICULOUS!  ;)

Jacinta: Well it’s hard to pick because we loved Nat and all of the other judges are amazing as well! We got a taste of what Red Foo would be like as a mentor in the ‘Judges Challenge’ week where he picked ‘Pump it’ by the BEP for us so maybe Redfoo? But Danni and Ronan are awesome as well... I don’t know!! haha

Jordan: I would choose Red Foo because he is so fun!

Now you are in a group and the show is over is there any inkling to go solo still?

Jacinta: No way! THIRD D3GREE is so different and cool and we would be silly to throw that away!

Jordan: I'm not sure about the future but right now my focus is on the group. We'd be silly to go solo because the group is so special.

And what is planned for Third D3gree for next?

Kelebek: More music!!!

Jacinta: Just making more music and hopefully performing as much as we can! We have really only been together for 5 months so its about practice makes perfect and continuing to work and perform together so we can be the best we can!

Jordan: We just want to keep releasing music and maybe have a tour of our own one day!

So to end, we have our SnapCacklePop Big 5 questions…

You are named Third D3gree, which is also a type of burn, where is the most embarrassing place you have had sunburn?

Kelebek: My toes!! And my nose OUCH!

Jacinta: Uhm my kneecap? Haha

Jordan: I've never been sunburned before! Slip Slop Slap!

If you could have a date with one pop star in the world who would it be and why?

Kelebek: Justin Biebs  So during the date I would knock some sense into him haha! But seriously….Probs Harry Styles haha ;) I have a thing for guys with long hair hehe….

Jacinta: Harry Styles because… do I even need to say why? Haha he’s a hottieee.

Jordan: haha I have no interest in dating any pop stars! I have an amazing girlfriend and I'm fine with her!

Your single is called a Different Kind Of Love, what’s your ideal date night?

Kelebek: I love surprises but as long as there is FOOD, FUN and ADVENTURE I’m in! 

Jacinta: I think mine would be just having fun! Like maybe a theme park or something where we can just run around together and have a good time… and maybe a cheeky kiss on the ferris wheel or something haha

Jordan: My ideal date night is one that isn't too serious and is full of laughter and fun.

What is one annoying pet habit you can tell us about each other?

Jacinta: Jordan always has to be right!! Like we argue about the silliest things! Haha and Kelebek gets into these weird moods where we don’t know if she’s laughing or crying and so we just laugh at her.

Jordan: Kelebek chews really loudly!! And Jacinta always plays with ears!!

Out of the three of you who would win out of a...
a) Dance off?
b) Arm wrestle?
c) Drinking competition?

a) Dance off -  Jordan
b) Arm wrestle - Jordan
c) Drinking competition - Jordan/Jacinta

Jacinta: Jordan wins all of them haha.

Jordan: …Well I know I would definitely win the DANCE OFF!

Third D3Gree THANK YOU. We LOOOOOVVVE your track and wish you all success with future singles and can’t wait to see you on tour.

Love, kisses and pop hugs
SnapCacklePop HQ

Different Kind Of Love is available on iTunes now..!

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