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Thursday, 19 December 2013

Interview - Max & Bianca..!

Max & Bianca are taking the pop world on in their own way. We find out how they this new dynamic duo are getting ready to set the charts alight...
In a pop world full of fierce competition Max & Bianca are ready to take on the charts without a reality TV show in sight. We catch up with the duo to talk their new sound, their love/hate relationship, being a triple threat, loving Britney Spears, being prepared on a desert island and loads more! Its a the SnapCacklePop Interview with Max & Bianca..!

Max & Bianca welcome to SnapCacklePop!
Thanks for having us.

First off Max, why wasn't it ladies first and Bianca & Max?
Bianca - Yeah why Max?
Max - I don't know! I just think it has a better ring to it. My name catches the attention just a little more than yours and I'm just more attractive physically, so just makes more sense! [Laughs]

Care to counter that Bianca?
B - Well in all honesty, everyone just started calling us Max & Bianca from the beginning so became hard to change. We were trying to come up with a different name but this just stuck.

Well that was our next question, what other names did you play around with?
B - Sooo many! You have no idea how hard it is and with so many names are already taken! You can come up with the most ridiculous names and someone already has it. You have to ask "why are you called that?!?!"

You are brand new to the pop world, welcome, how did you two first meet?
B - Well we were both doing a music course, the NSW Talent and Development project in separate years, yet we both we had mutual friends who introduced us. I heard Max sing and liked his voice, so got him over to record some of his original music, then showed it to my manager and ta-dah Max & Bianca were born.

Your new single Love Drunk is very catchy and totally up our street, but reminds us of Katy Perry. Is she an influence of yours?
M&B - Absolutely. 

So tell us about it...
M - The track is basically about two people who are in love and things start to go wrong. They do not know what needs to be or how it needs to be fixed, but its kind of like us.

So, were you two in love at one stage?
B - We have a love / hate relationship [Laughs] We get on each others nerves but also get along.
M - We love each other to bits, but of course there are times when its difficult spending so much time together.

A brother / sister kind of thing then?
M&B - Totally (We love how they answer together!)

And that kind of relationship comes out in your new video! How exciting was that to film?
B - It was amazing! We totally wasn't expecting to go to New Zealand for our first video, so was a totally great experience. We also got to film in Melbourne some of the "colourful" scenes like when I get to slap Max round the face..!

Is that when you spit green paint Max?
M - Yeah. There is no trickery in that scene, I actually spit green paint! [Laughs]

So a very energetic video to match the track, is this what we should expect from an album?
M - Yes and No. We have a total mix as we want to showcase who we are as artists, from upbeat pop numbers, to ballads and subtle rock pop anthems.

Do you both argue over who takes lead vocals?
B - Not really, as when we sing together, we know what will suit each others voice better.
M - Also we want to make sure people understand we are a duo.

We think that's a unique feature of you, that you are the first male & female duo for many years...
M - Yeah we are filling that void.
B - Yes, we are here - enter Max & Bianca [Laughs]

You have also been described as a new breed of pop, care to confirm that statement?
M - Well its a new era we think. Perhaps people are getting tired of the "now norm" reality TV show talent contest to find new talent.

You guys are doing it from the ground up?
B - Yeah we are, and guess it makes it a bit harder, but for us we can put something out that we have worked on personally and we know we are really happy to put out there.
M - At the end of the day, we are writers at heart and I think that is what makes us different.

Well it is not only as writers as you are also musically talented?
B - Well I play piano and guitar
M - And I play piano and double bass
B - Yes we are a triple threat! [Laughs]

Well SCP have been fans of pop for to many years we care to mention, who were you listening to when growing up?
B - Well I grew up with The Beatles. My dad was a massive fan and he'd play their music loud most sunday mornings to wake us up. However, from a recent pop times, it would have to be Hanson and LOVE Britney Spears... OMG Britney Spears - I was obsessed.
M - N*Sync, all the 90's pop bands, including S Club 7. Got to love that song! (Reach)

So in one sentence how would you describe your sound?
B - We are fun pop with a bit of edge.
M - It has something unique about it.

So why not make it famous through a reality TV show?
B - Well I tried out of Australian Idol when I was 16 years old and I got to top 40 but was told I was too young. And actually, I am so grateful as its given me time to grow as an artist.
M - Well you wouldn't of had the chance to meet me! [Laughs]

So we see you are loving social media engagement, how important is that to you both as artists?
M - You are not going to get anywhere without the power of social media.
B - It's the best way to connect with our fans directly.

And your favourite social media?
B - Facebook and YouTube for sure... oh and Instagram!

So plans for 2014 and New Years resolutions?
B - Stop eating chocolate
M - Being better at organising myself
B - Actually, I need to chill out a bit more. We are polar opposites. He is totally chilled and I am super organised.

So here are your SnapCacklePop Big 5 questions... you ready?
Bring it SCP!!!

Name you favourite three other pop duos?
M - Got to be Karmin & Tatu
( Start singing "All the things she said, all the things she said" )
B - Can I say Kayne and Jay-Z?

A line in your song is "You can't choose who you love" - who do you have a secret pop crush on?
M - Nicki Minaj!
B - I love a bit of Jarod Leto 

What is you reality TV weakness?
B - Real Housewive of Beverley Hills
M - Come Dine With Me is just brilliant

If you were abandoned on a desert island, what three things would you take with you?
B - A Tent
M - Some Water
B - Got to take sunglasses

If you were not a pop star, what would you be?
B - Most probably a make up artist
M - I would always be in the music industry somehow, like a producer

Well guys, that's it, thank you for your time today. Good Luck with Love Drunk  and look forward to seeing more of you in the new year.
Thanks SCP, you rock..!

Love Drunk is available on iTunes now..!

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