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Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Britney releases teaser for I Am Britney Jean doco..!

Even though many people may have forgotten that every other pop star on the planet exist after Queen Beyonce’s news last week, it has not deterred camp Britney, as they progress with her promo of Britney Jean in an all new documentary…

SCP liked Britney’s last doco For The Record that detailed her comeback to the pop world after falling from grace. It at least gave us a bit of insight onto the crazy world of Britney Spears and saw a glimpse of the sadness she suffers in the manufactured pop star world that she lives.

Well in the new 2 hour docu-movie to be aired on E! on the 22nd December, I Am Britney Jean (Hmm sounds familiar, oh hang on that was Beyonce’s I Am… Sacha Fierce) doesn’t seem to focus on music, rather than her forthcoming show Piece Of Me in her 2-year Vegas residency deal at Planet Hollywood.

Check out the teaser below. Let’s hope she doesn’t blank out..! 

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