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Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Why Dami Im won X-Factor..!

After securing #1 on the ARIA this week, SCP HQ is still on a high from Dami Im taking out the crown of X-Factor winner. However, what made us fall in love with the show winner...

 Dami Im captured our hearts from her very first performance on the X-Factor. However we like to tell the 5 reasons why she won...

She's Unique
Come on, you must admit, its been a long time since we have had such a quirky, unassuming of her talent, in love with her husband, a powerhouse vocalist, a lover of K-Pop and being told all the judges that she delivers ''Awesome singing" every week, it's so hard to disagree, right? As soon as she stepped onto the audition stage, to sing Mariah Carey's Hero, she nailed the audition. Noting it was her first standing ovation from the judges..!

She was the Underdog
She was booted off the reality TV show after fluffing her lines after her rendition of Jolene by Dolly Parton to the judges and a live audience of one thousand, and didn't make it through to home visits. We all thought it was over. Boo!

Then something unexpected happened, in that Matt Gresham decided he could not commit to the competition and was replaced by Dami in the home visits. Infront of Kylie Minogue, Mrs Im sang If I Were a Boy by Beyoncé perfectly, that secured her a place in the top 3 of team Dannii Minogue and into the live finals...

( Bet Matt is kicking himself now..! )

Dannii Minogue
Firstly she is a Minogue, so surely we should rest our case there! However, Dannii not only brings a pop star quality with years of experience, she also knows how to be a mentor, after appearing on the UK version of the hit TV reality show. 

The performances
Dami first song was a challenge in itself, with not knowing the U2 classic track One which saw her perform on a floating piano, she then knocked the performance out the ball park, earning her such comments as "the best vocal of the night", from all the judges and a standing ovation (again). However, many thought it was a lucky performance, until week 2 and Dami Im covered the legendary Prince track Purple Rain...

Yeah we agree... AMAZING! And it didn't stop there, with covers of Thelma Houston's Don't Leave Me This Way dressed as a bumble bee, Katy Perry's recent hit Roar and for rock week, she sang Best of You by the Foo Fighters, each receiving the singer critical acclaim and a standing ovation..!

She delivered till the end...
There may have been a few set backs over the next couple weeks, however Dami brought out spirit fighting and came out fighting, taking on Miley Cyrus' track Wrecking Ball and literally knocking out the ball park. However it was the finale, that secured her victory, with her rendition of And I Am Telling You I'm Not Going that proved Dami’s winner status in the competition, in a performance that would make Jennifer Hudson proud. All you need to do is listen…

Dami, SCP were part of your #DamiArmy from day one, and you didn't disappoint every week. You are a true champion, humble about your gift and a true talent to Australia and possible the world. We'll be watching closely to make sure you stick to your pop love and passion for K-Pop..!

Dami Im's new single Alive is available on iTunes now and her debut self titled album is available on pre-order ..!

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