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Friday, 1 November 2013

SnapCacklePop Interview - Mel B

It's always been a dream to meet The Spice Girls, so SCP jumped at the chance to meet Mel B...

Here on a promotional tour of Australia to promote her new single For Once In My Life, the so called "scary" spice chats to us about the new single, stripping in the street, how the music industry has changed, America's Got Talent, being back in Australia, Spice Girls reunion and SOOO much more..! 

When meeting the lovely Mel B, she wasn't scary, she was all round delightful, as we get find out what it's like to be a Spice Girl...

Mel B, welcome to SnapCacklePop
 Thanks for having me.

It’s been a while, what brings you back to Australia?
I left Australia back in January, and after two and a half years of living here, I really missed it. My kids were in school here, I loved the life style and the people and then I got put over in the US to do America’s Got Talent. But I’m back to say hi, say hi to friends and promote my new single and enjoy Sydney  once again.

So your new single is called For Once In My Life, a empowering track about you returning from “the dark and the shadows” tell us about it?
 For me, music has always been part of my life and I couldn’t find the right song, the right lyrics, the passion to have, to put music out there. So its taken me a while to dig deep, then after America’s Got Talent, I headed into the studio at midnight, wrote the song, recorded it, three days later I did the video and put it out.

That’s quite a quick turnaround??
I was just on a roll. For eight years I haven’t done music and didn’t have the right direction. So took me a while.

Well its great to have you back as you’ve been missed here in Oz. So let’s get back to the video. Stripping in the street?
Why not!! It was filmed on the Desperate Housewives set over at Wisteria Lane.

Over at Universal Studio’s?
Yes and with this video I wanted everyone to let go of all that excess baggage and the humdrum of life. I think for me and anybody, life can get on a bit of a roller coaster, whether it be emotionally, financially, spiritually. So I wanted to create an uplifting track, where for that 3minutes and 30 seconds, you can just let loose! So I strip, I kiss myself….

There are some house parties in there too?
Yeah, my daughter is in there too

Is she?
Yeah, she is wearing glasses

Have you ever done this in real life? Stripping in the street?
I’ve done it a number of times [stripping] but not sure its been in the street
 and when was this!

So as you said it’s been eight years since you last released music, why so long?
I’ve been in and out of the studio, however I didn’t feel I was on a roll, lyrically and emotionally and then finally this just happened.

Do you think there is a lot of pressure on you after being in one of the biggest girls groups on the planet?
I don’t think doing The Spice Girls and doing solo work is the same as it is completely different. And for this track, I’m doing it totally independently. I like having that control, as I’ve done it before with my four best friends, so its nice to do it in a different way.

So how are finding the music industry now from when you started out back in 1994? 
I think with social media you can do anything you want now, more so than you could do back then. There wasn’t really a vibe of social media. Look at Justin Bieber, he got discovered from YouTube.

Interestingly back in the 90’s you had to go find music, now it is more accessible…
Yeah you do and you have that instant connection with your fans now.

Are you a fan of social media?
I love Instagram

So is this new track the lead single off your upcoming third studio album?
No, not yet. I don’t have an album planned yet. This track was so quick, that I wanted to get it out there but I am back in the studio next week recording new tracks.

Who have you been working with?
I’ll be going back in the studio with Lars, and hopefully a few others I'd loved to work with.

You actually had the official launch of the track this week with these bunch of girls. Which lady do you think nailed the true look of who they were dressed as?
I think they all look great. They did a whole medley for me. I had no idea. It wasn’t planned at all.

We think its brilliant. We think they nailed Geri!
I loved it

You were missed on this years X-Factor, did you watch?
I couldn’t as I was in the States recording America’s Got Talent, so missed it, but I heard the panel was great, the talent was awesome and Dannii Minogue won and the winner was well deserving.

So will you be returning to America’s Got Talent?
My year is open. Would love to return to the show, but who knows?

So whats planned for 2014?
Working on my music, that is for sure. Whether I do more TV or not, I’m completely open.

Do you have a preference between music and the small screen?
I love it all.

And you have been doing a bit of the Today Show in the US too, how’s that been?
It’s been fun, however the 5am wake up calls haven’t been.

Not a morning person then?
I am with my kids, but that isn’t until 6am, the hour difference means a lot.

How are your girls? Are they here with you?
Really good, however they are in school so couldn’t come with me

So back in Sydney, where can we find you hanging out?
Well me and my husband did this last night. We went for something to eat, then went to the Shangrila Bar, headed to the [Kings] Cross and where ever the nights takes us. You can’t go wrong with eating in Sydney.

We’ve just had Geri here on Australia’s got Talent. Are you going to catch up with Geri whilst you are here and can we come?
I’m actually meeting up with her tomorrow…

So we have two Spice Girls here, when are we going to get all the 5 Spice Girls over here to do a greatest hits tour, since we have missed out on your tour back in 2008?
I know, I would love that. I’m always the one saying “lets do it, let’s do it, let’s do it” but its just the case of getting everyone’s schedule. However we did it for the Olympics last year, we rehearsed for 3 weeks solid, so it’s always possible.

 So back to your girls, any interest in following you into the music industry?
Well Phoenix is more of a Tom Boy, Giselle who is 9, my step daughter, is very academic, so probably Angel, my six year old. She loves to dance all day long

And what advice would you give her?
You have to be really talented. It’s a tough business out there.

So Mel B, we always end up with the Big 5 SCP questions of the week, you ready?
Of course…

In the video clip For Once In My Life you end up in a house party and you must of attended a few in your time. What’s the craziest thing you have ever seen at a house party you have attended?
Probably after the Olympics. Me, Geri, Victoria and Mel C ended up a George Michael’s house.

And THAT was a fun party! We partied until about 6am and I still had my cat suit on!

You were recently a judge on America’s Got Talent – how many times have you felt like booing a contestant off the stage?
I have done, I am always honest and like to give constructive criticism.

2013 has been an amazing year for pop music, who do you think should win one of our SnapCacklePop Music awards for the best music this year?
There are so many good ones from Rihanna, to Miley Cyrus and Katy Perry. That would be a three way tie.

We know you love a good laugh what’s the funniest thing you have seen that make you laugh so hard a little bit of pee came out?
Well no pee came out, but I was on my tour bus, as I just did a radio tour and I got into watching clips of people falling. THAT had me laughing for a good half an hour of people falling inappropriately. Funny!

You travelled all over the world, what’s your best cure for jet lag?
It’s simple, drink water and try and sleep.

And you have lived all over the world, where is home?
So have lived in LA for 12 years, so I guess there.

Well Mel B, its been a pleasure, thank you so much and good luck with your new single and look forward to an album soon.
Thanks SCP. Mwah

Mel B's new single For Once In My Life is available on iTunes now..!

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