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Tuesday, 5 November 2013

New Video Alert - One Direction - Story of My Life

We're not sure if you've heard of them (sarcasm alert), but there's a little band out there called One Direction that's getting some attention (and by "getting some attention" we mean "taking over the world"). The boys dropped the video for Story of My Life, and while you'll probably love it, it may not be what you expected...

Let's be clear. One Direction could put out a video of them sleeping for 4 minutes and it would get millions upon millions of views. So they're not out to necessarily convince people to like them, just please their fan base. And the video for Story of My Life will definitely do that.

It's gonna tug almost all of your heartstrings. The boys are adorable as ever (duh), so the teenage girl inside of you will pull her pigtails with delight. The cinematography, courtesy of director Ben Wilson, rivals the quality of any music video out there. The visuals of strings of photographs are gorgeous.

But it's gonna be the cameos of the boys' family members that likely gets your eyes all moist-y. Seeing them age through pictures with their grandparents, siblings, and our personal fave, Liam's parents, is inspired, and effectively sentimental. It makes us wanna call our families. Right now.

And yet the song seems to be about romantic love that doesn't end well. We can't help thinking that a literal video translation of that could've appealed to some older fans of bands like Train and OneRepublic. But the teenage girls probably would murder any unlucky girl that played the love interest in their video (but what a way to go!)

The song's gonna blow up, as will the video, and both are actually pretty fantastic. One Direction definitely deserves all the love they're getting right now. You can check out the video for Story of My Life below. The album, Midnight Memories, won't be out until November 25th, but you can go ahead and grab this song on iTunes right now...!

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