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Saturday, 23 November 2013

New Video Alert - A Great Big World - Say Something ft. Christina Aguilera

A Great Big World and Christina Aguilera helped each other greatly when they collaborated for Say Something. This iTunes-topping track gave AGBW some much needed exposure, and gave Xtina the chance to remind us she's a beautiful singer. The question was whether the video was able to capture the same magic...

...and the answer is yes. It's not perfect, but it's pretty darn close. 

Christina hasn't done anything this dark and somber for a very long time. In fact, many an Xtina fan have been turned off by the hypersexualization of her recent work. That clearly wouldn't work for a song with this tone, but stranger things have happened.

Wiser heads prevailed, thankfully, and we've been given a gorgeous video to accompany this tune. First off, the boys of A Great Big World are given as much spotlight as Xtina. And rightfully so. They wrote the song after all. We were afraid this might look like a straight up Xtina vid to get all them YouTube hits, but it's very obvious it's an equal collaboration.

With lyrics this simplistic and emotional, the director needed to be careful to not detract from them with an overabundance of imagery and theatrics (which Christina is well known for... more on that in a second). But Christopher Sims directs the heck out of this video and focuses on simple yet moving vignettes that will bring all kinds of tears to your little eyes.

The literal translation of two lovers losing each other is appropriately there, but it's the images of the scared child and mournful elderly couple that will kick you straight in the heart. Unless you're heartless, I suppose. No offense, Kanye.

Indeed, the imagery here somehow winds up being the star of the video, which is quite the feat, and the best possible scenario. The song's not about A Great Big World as a band, nor is it about the larger than life entity that is Ms. Aguilera. It's about the beauty of love and the pain of letting it go.

If we have one complaint about the video, it's that Christina's movements while singing are a little too theatrical (though still noticeably toned down, this is nowhere near Burlesque levels of wrist-flapping and finger-snapping). She looks stunningly gorgeous, maybe even the most beautiful she's ever looked in a video, but a more somber and raw setup for her might've added just a little more sincerity. When she sang barefoot in that dirty floor for Beautiful, we believed every tear.

But we're by no means complaining. This is one of the most beautiful songs of the year, with eloquent lyrics and one of the best performances from Christina in years. And the video succeeds at being equally moving. So kudos to Christina & A Great Big World. You can listen to them Say Something at iTunes, and have a few hanky moments by watching the video below..!

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