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Thursday, 28 November 2013

New Single Alert - Christina Perri - Human

Is Christina Perri returning to the top of the charts with another defining moment with new single Human...

You know what we mean by "defining"... it's those artists who have their one and only song, think A-Ha's Take On Me. For others it's the 'boom' that starts of their career and no single ever reaches the same level of success, think I'm Outta Love - Anastacia and for others they get that song sometime in their career where we must salute Celine Dion with My Heart Will Go On

Christina Perri is in that middle category - Jar Of Hearts was at the very start of her career and nothing since has been anywhere near as successful, apart from spawning thousands of covers and is a choice for X-Factor auditions world-wide.

A Thousand Years was also a big hit for her on the back of the Twilight movies but Jar Of Hearts is the defining song for Christina. She's hoping to change that will her new single Human

Looking stunning on the single cover, Human is what she does best - that delicate pop-ballad that shows off the delicate nature of her voice and it's filled with a haunting softness that draws you in. 

No video for Human yet but if the single cover is anything to go by we expect her to be looking gorgeous and natural in the film clip!

If you love her style you'll love Human - it's everything you expect from Christina Perri but with something more - you'll have to listen to find out though..!

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