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Thursday, 14 November 2013

New Album Review - The Wanted - Word of Mouth

Five hot guys with great voices and all the sex appeal you can handle sounds like a winning formula. And it usually is. The Wanted's initial blast into the world of music started strong, but then quickly tapered off. Will their latest effort convince the world (and you) that they ARE actually wanted? Read on to find out...

For better or worse, the Wanted's singles seem to directly reflect their current status quo. Their mega worldwide hit Glad You Came made us...well...glad they came. The follow-up single, Chasing the Sun, didn't connect as much, and made it seem they may actually be chasing something huge but unattainable (like the sun...see how this is going...).

So if their more recent song titles reek of desperation, that may unfortunately be where we're at with these fellas. If you want attention for a song that may not get it otherwise, throwing in the name of an uber-celebrity can be quite effective. It certainly worked for Taylor Swift's debut single titled simply Tim McGraw.  The Wanted's nod to the pride of Barbados, Walks like Rihanna, didn't even chart in much of the world, including America, despite including the name of someone as on fire as ol' Ri-Ri.

And while the latest single off this album, Show Me Love (America), isn't a bad song, the title literally couldn't sound more desperate to get to that audience. They may as well have named it "Dear America Please Download This Song". Unfortunately, the desperation seems warranted, as the majority of the album feels generic and far from memorable. There's no real cohesion, and we can almost hear the words "Sound more like One Direction!" being screamed at them from producers.

And therein lies the problem. The Wanted have a great vibe that lends itself well to a sexy, grown-up club sound. It's impossible to look at the stunningly sexy Max George and not gyrate a little. And this is where their music could thrive. Check out the only real standout track on the album, Glow in the Dark, for evidence. It makes you wanna get nasty in a club.

That's not One Direction-y at all, but it could (and should) be very Wanted-y.

We still have hope for Max and the boys, though. It feels like their current lack of success comes not a lack of effort or talent, but from poor management. Trying to mimic 1D's success isn't the only problem. FIVE singles were released over the course of a year and a half before the album even came out. If anyone thought that would lead to huge sales, they need to go back to marketing 101.

So let's all wait with fingers crossed for these poor guys to get the break they actually deserve and just put Glow in the Dark on constant repeat, which you can grab (along with any other songs you want) at iTunes. Or console yourself with their sexiness at least, in the live performance for Show Me Love (America) below..!

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