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Thursday, 21 November 2013

New Album Review - Little Mix - Salute

Those Little Mix girls are back with new album Salute, however will it meet expectations of their impressive debut or will it be too "try hard" to satisfy an international fan base...

Little Mix debut album DNA was fresh, fun and unique and The X Factor winners soon became global success with the album debuting at number 4 in the US Billboard charts, which is something that not even The Spice Girls achieved. As they gained such popularity across the states, the pressure was on to follow with a new album and last week dropped Salute.

The album starts with title track Salute, which is an in your face, sirens blasting, Little Mix attitude and a military themed (that is played through out the album) track that has the LM girls sing “Ladies all around the world / Listen up we're looking for recruits”

See You Now is a great pop single and was interestingly co-written by Nicola Roberts of Girls Aloud who wasn't the only ex girl group member writing with band, as All Saint's Shazney Lewis penned two tracks for the album too. Continuing the girl group theme, Little Me reminds us of Destiny's Child's Survivor, with its self empowering lyrics written to the girls younger selves and sung emotionally, which will surely go down well with their many younger fans. We can see the video with “mini-me” of the girls already!

Lead single Move, saw the cute girls who first appeared in Wings disappear, replaced with 4 sexy ladies, strutting their stuff in the slick video for the track, which showcased the new mature sound with it's amazing fresh pop, full of funky beats, beautiful melodies, Little Mix attitude and a killer hook.

The military marching up-beat pop tracks continues in Feels Like You and the ridiculously catchy A Different Beat with lyrics chanting 'We're marching for love, so turn up the drums” which could easily be a strong future single, in our opinion.

There are still plenty of ballads that showcase the girls vocal ability in These Four Wall, Towers and Good Enough, then further *ahem* salutes to 90’s girl groups continues in tracks About A Boy, which is a corker, full of funky pop beats and similar track Boy that reminds us of the R&B soul fueled mega group En Vogue. Even Mr Loverboy reminds us of Mariah Carey’s DreamLover.

Overall the album is strong, confident and musically mature. They played a dangerous game in trying to cater to both Australian, UK and US fan bases, however the record maintains their strong pop vibe, however also plays to the US markets R&B sound.

It’s definitely a solid sophomore pop album from the LM girls and a firm fav for 2013 pop list.

Salute is available on iTunes now..!

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