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Tuesday, 12 November 2013

New Album Review - Lady Gaga - ArtPop

If we were honest, Born This Way was a bit of a mess for us at SCP HQ though did have some stand out tracks, so we interested to see if Lady Gaga's new album ArtPop would restore our faith in Mother Monster...

When Gaga first came onto the pop scene, we were one of the FIRST to love her creativity, catchy tracks and for challenging the pop world to think differently. We knew then a new pop star was born and we were not the only ones, as the world love the quirkiness of Gaga, who took pop culture to a new level whilst producing new edgy pop music.

That said, even though The Fame Monster gained the singer international attention, Born The Way album failed to impress us as much, so all eyes we on the Lady to deliver. Interestingly, putting all the artistic crap aside that comes with a Gaga release, this new album returns us to why we first fell in love with her, and in short, it's a far stronger album that it's predecessor. 

Let us break it down for you in a track by track breakdown...

A bit Kill Bill sound track, fun, yet bit self pretentious as Gaga sings about stripping back the performer, against dark thumping beats, to show the true “Aura” aka Stefani Germanotta

Channeling her Roman mythology and sexual nature, the Gaga produced track is a "Gaga disco" track that would easily feature on The Fame Monster B-Side

G.U.Y. – Surprisingly the title G.U.Y. stands for Girl Under You and is an electro dance stand out track, that showcases Gaga sexual desire no matter which gender, with lyrics that play on the art of sexual domination, seduction and powerplay.

Sex Dreams
A truly pop genius track, full of sexuality and synth-pop for our pop listening pleasure, full of fantasy, disco dub beats and R-rated spoken desire.

Jewels n' Drugs (feat. T.I., Too $hort and Twista)
It’s Gaga does hip-hop, that to be honest, is not needed. Gaga please stay in the pop arena you know.

With a killer chorus. This track could easier be a new single, as it is radio friendly, edgy, with a colourful arrangement, that has Gaga screaming she needs a Man Cure. Its electro pop, with a rock edge and even have a funky guitar breakdown. Approved.

Do What U Want feat. R. Kelly
It’s dark, its full of deep synth’s and features R Kelly. Need we say more..!

The title track of the album is an electro jazz number, which is a bit confusing as Gaga screams "Come to me, without your subtext and fantasy." Not the strongest album track but not awful.

This is rude, fascinating, dance pumping club track and definitely a strong single. It channels the naughty, kinky and lover side of Gaga, as she channels her inner “animal”.

After her track in honour of Alexander McQueen on Born This Way album, it was no surprise that Gaga wanted to pay homage to Donatella. How else would she get free stuff? Haha! It does actually serve as a great dance number on the album, that isn’t over produced and combines Gaga’s love of fashion and pop that does entertain us with lyrics like

I am so fab,
Check out, I'm blonde
I'm skinny
I'm rich
And I'm a little bit of a bitch

It’s pop, playful and fun. Winner, winner, chicken dinner..!

Camp. That is all.

Mary Jane Holland
An interesting track that tells Gaga parents "I know that Mom and Dad think I'm a mess/But it's all right, because I am rich as piss." – think they may have know that, yet the track nothing special and maybe not worthy of the lyrics.

First track that sings of her lover Taylor Kinney, a soft ballad, similar and reminds us of Gaga’s early work on the New York club scene. Singing of addiction to love, her love of Kinney and a pure rawness that we haven’t seen since her track about her dad Speechless.

A charging anthem that actually doesn’t deserve to be at the end of the album as it reminds us more of Gaga of old, aka Bad Romanace.

It was an interesting track the lead with, due to having more stronger tracks throughout the album. It was a bit clunky track that didn’t compare to previous releases, yet still entertaining enough.

ArtPop is not The Fame Monster however its better that Born This Way, so we have to conclude Lady Gaga has stopped being try hard and actually returned to the music we first loved about her.

3 out of 5 stars Mother Monster

ArtPop  is available on iTunes now..!

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