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Thursday, 14 November 2013

Interview - Reece Mastin

Calling all Lil Rockers, it's our interview with Reece Mastin...
It's been a while since we chatted with Mr Mastin, so wanted to find out what he has been up to, what to expect from his new album that apparently has balls, becoming a crazy cat lady and why he has the best fans in the world.

Hey Reece, welcome back to SCP.
Thanks man

It’s been 12 months since we last spoke, how are you?
Good man, I have just wanted to focus on the album this year, so have stepped back from centre stage and took the time to write things out.

Do you think that has been a good move for you?
Yeah. I mean I could of just took it easy and got some people to write some tracks for me. However for me, being part of the writing process or writing the songs myself, means more to me when I finally perform them. So I wanted to make sure it was right.

Who have you been writing with?
Mainly by myself at home, in my studio. That said, I co-write with a guy called Rune Westberg, who I wrote with on my last record Beautiful Disaster and
BCJ who has written for Beyonce who is incredible. Basically a bunch of talented people, who I have really got along with and worked well with previously, which is such an important part of writing a good song.

We guess that’s why you wanted to be a popstar in the first place?
Yeah. Given what we do, the core is music, so if you are not writing your own songs, you are not connecting to what it truly means to be an artist. For me, I’m all about the music and is my number one priority.

So you have a new single out Girls (All Around The World). We are noticing “girls” being a theme in the tracks you release, should we expect this from the new album?
Not all songs are about Girls. [Laughs] The album is not what you will expect actually, as it’s definitely got some balls.

So what should we expect?
After being able to take this time writing, it has given me chance to think of my music. I’ve done a lot of things already from dance, pop and 60’s inspired with a rock edge, which will still feature on this LP, however will have a bit of diversity to it. There is a theme in the album of rock but with twist and a lot of fun.

A bit of reinvention then?
Totally. I don’t want to be just putting the same tracks out there, as I want to give my fans something new.

So what are you saying Reece Mastin does country or R&B?
[Laughs] Well, I’ve gone a bit R&B with some tracks similar to Trey Songz work and then Marilyn Manson kind of stuff going on.

When should we expect this album?
Start of next year hopefully in January

Got an album title yet you can exclusively reveal?
Not yet. I’m going to sit down and listen to the whole album before I decide. Could be a lyric from a song? You just don’t know.

Actually working with BCJ, who wrote If I Was A Boy for Beyonce, has brought a different side of my music. She is an incredible lyricist and we wrote a song called Firewall, which is about a guy and a girl and their two separate stories that eventually combine. It was good to sit down with BCJ and get a woman’s perspective of things.

We guess that’s just you growing as an artist, living life and then channeling your life lessons into your music?
That was a big thing for me. I am 2 years older from when I left X-Factor and I’ve had so many experiences, that has grown my mind lyrically and musically.

You did mention getting older and we know it’s your birthday soon, Happy Birthday – what are you up to?
Yeah, thanks. I’m going to go out and get really really drunk. [Laughs]

So the video for the track Girls see’s you in 50’s clobber and surrounded girls on a beach. That must have been a hard days work?
It was! [Laughs] Actually I got sun burnt 15 minutes into the shoot due to my pale skin, so I spent that day roasting whilst all these models are tanning themselves. It was really fun and I enjoy doing that characterisation thing (50’s), just playing and having fun with it.

How did your girlfriend feel about it?
She knows she’s my number 1. She knows.

So we can’t gloss over the Twitter scandal that erupted this year. How are you an Rhiannon going?
Stronger than ever! She is leaving at the end of the year, which is going to be hard on both of us. But we are having a blast of a time.

So with her going away, how are you going to keep the romance alive?
I do spend a lot of time in LA writing and for meetings, so am there a lot.  We are also looking at the silver lining, in that we want what is best for each other and yet are still mad for each other.

We hear you have a new companion for when she is away?
Yeah I have Cash my cat, who is 8 months and I am getting another one this week, so I am turning into a crazy cat lady.

And what about Xmas?
Yeah, spending it with my family. Rhiannon will hopefully be staying with me this year also, which will be great.

And 2014?
Yeah, putting out new music, touring and releasing my album.

The SnapCacklePop Big 5 questions this week…

If you were an animal what would you been be and why?
A Cat. As mine just lays around all day doing nothing and looks amazing

You are very engaged in social media, what's your favorite app?
Has to be Twitter man.

SnapCacklePop Music Awards are coming up for 2013, who do you think
has had an amazing year?
Samantha Jade as had a great year and also a brilliant artist. And those Justice Crew boys have had an amazing year and they work their asses off!

If you we abandoned on a deserted island, what three things would you take with you?
Rhiannon, an iPod and Cash my cat

Finally, what makes your Lil Rockers the best in the world?
They are just everywhere with me man. They just want to hang out and that's the cool thing about them.

Reece Mastin, thank you. From all at SCP good luck with the single and album.
Cheers man.

Reece Mastin's new single Girls (All Around The World) is available on iTunes now..!

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