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Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Interview - Crayon Pop

Crayon Pop are becoming a social media K-Pop phenomenon with their massively addictive track Bar Bar Bar and they were in town last week on a promotional tour, so SCP urgently had to meet them...

We talked to the super cute girl group about their ridiculously catch track Bar Bar Bar, their new mini album The Streets Go Disco, their fans, the Five Cylinder Engine Dance routine, being unique and loving One Direction. Check out the SnapCacklePop interview with Crayon Pop..

Crayon Pop, welcome to SnapCacklePop
[All] Thank you.

How are you finding Australia?
The weather has been so nice and everyone has been so kind and welcoming. We’ve been really busy, looking around the city and seeing our fans

So who is who?

 We love your new single Bar Bar Bar, it’s cute, disco, fun and K-Pop addictive, how have you found the social media response to the track?
We really appreciate the support we’ve had. We didn’t expect this single to become this popular but we are so grateful and looking forward to working hard in the future.

You have caused a massive YouTube following, with fans, bands, army soldiers all jumping on the Five Cylinder Engine Dance phenomenon. Do you watch all the YouTube video? What's you favourite?
We have seen so many, so it’s really hard to pick just one, we love them all.

Will you be creating a NEW dance move for all future videos, similar to Five Cylinder Engine Dance for your album?
Yes indeed. We would like to do more dance routines that are funny and energetic in the future. Its so much fun.

Five Cylinder Engine Dance looks very tiring?
The song is very exciting for us to perform, so even though we have to perform it again and again, we love to do it. We also eat a lot for energy to perform it. [Laughs]

Who are each of your favourite pop artist, you grew up listening to, who have inspired you to become pop stars?
We grew up listening to Beyonce, Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera and Lady Gaga.

You are known for your quirky costumes, what’s been your favorite outfit?
We love them all. We brought 3 different outfits with us and we have a massive wardrobe back home with about another 22 different looks

You have purposefully gone against many other K-pop groups who play the sexy & skin-barring outfits and suggestive dance moves why did you choose not to follow this path?
There have been some many “sexy” groups in Korea, so we wanted to stand out with our own style, which makes us very unique.

It certainly is unique. You secured the #1 spot in the billboard charts, congratulations. How have you found your rapid rise to fame?
Before the single became big, we had a lot of time to practice and now the single is a hit, it has meant a lot more work, more TV shows and more travelling. We are not complaining as it makes us very happy and we get to see our fans around the world, who have welcomed us where ever we have been.

We love your mini album The Street Go Disco, what is the meaning behind the title? 
Well when we started out, we used to perform on the streets, and we love Disco music, as it’s bright, funny and exciting, so felt like a great name.

So what is planned for 2014?
We are playing on releasing a new single, that we hope will be a success however can’t confirm a tour just yet.

So ready for the big 5 questions this week…

Your trademark dance move is Five Cylinder Engine Dance   do you over tired yet from having to perform it all the time?
No way. We have to perform it so many times our muscles and legs are really strong. [All Laugh]

If you had to pick an artist to win pop queen & king of pop in 2013, who would you pick?
Crayon Pop of course!! and PSY for King.

Fan question from @CrayonPopUK is what has been your favorite performance to date?
Our fans are fantastic and one time our fans did a massive performance for us of Bar Bar Bar which very amazing.

If you could be a super hero who would each of your be?
Iron Man (Gum-mi), Spiderman (Soyul), Superman (Ellin), The Hulk (Cho-a) or Batman (Way)

Who do you have a secret pop crush on?
OMG – One Direction.

Coincidence there are 5 of you and for of them!
[All laugh]

Crayon Pop, thank you for your time and we wish you so much luck with your album.

[All] Thank you SnapCacklePop

The Streets Go Disco is available on iTunes now..!

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