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Saturday, 9 November 2013

Has pop gone too sleazy?

Discussion this week across the SCP team has been around an array of new video’s that basically have taken the meaning of “sex sells” to new levels…

Now don’t get us wrong, we have many times been drawn to artists or bands that have jumped on the “Sex sells” bandwagon to promote their music. Madonna did it in the 90’s, George Michael got caught doing it and then made a single out of it and yes, the odd promotional shot of a boyband naked doesn’t do anyone any harm (We still can’t get over these pictures of Blue naked and hoping one day that Duncan James will be our husband) 

We digress. So when you look at some of the big pop artists in our charts today, that are adored by so many young fans, are they taking it a little too far? Let us investigate...

Rihanna is a repeat offender with her latest video for Pour It Up basically verging on soft porn with the pole dancer twerking her little ass off and lets not forget S&M that promoted a very kinky side. Try explaining that video to a 7 year old!

Then Miley Cyrus has also showed no restraint in her recent video for Wrecking Ball, which saw the singer straddling a wrecking ball naked and also seducing a hammer with her tongue. Is it really art? Or is it just plain smut?

Britney Spears recent video for Work Bitch had to go through major editing before release, as the Las Vegas Resident was unhappy how the video portrayed a sleazy side to the singer. Perhaps something Christina Aguilera should have consider before releasing Your Body, which showed the singer tied up, bound and whipped.

And let us not forget the men. Please stand up Mr Robin Thicke whose track Blurred Lines may have been one of the biggest track of 2013, yet the video portrayed woman as sex objects, that also led to THAT performance at the MTV Video Awards with Miley Cyrus. Our eyes are still burned after watching that performance btw..!

 And let us not forget Flo-Rida with Whistle!! We shall not rant on even more around what we think of his music, however you can read more here..!

Perhaps SCP is just getting old, or perhaps we have missed a memo where portraying sex in this way to pop fans is all well and good? However, we still would like to question answered are we pushing the boundaries a little too far? 

It may have worked for Madonna’s back in the 90’s with her Human Nature video, Erotic LP and sex book, however what levels are our pop stars of today willing to go, to shift a few records, or perhaps they should just concentrate on on creating better pop music that sells itself?

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