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Friday, 15 November 2013

An evening with... Olly Murs..!

Readers of Snap Cackle Pop would already know that we've got a great big soft spot for Olly Murs. We've interviewed him a couple of times and we really love everything that he does. So when we got the opportunity to catch him live on his tour Down Under we jumped at the chance...Read our review.

We decided to do something different and brought along someone who didn't really care much for his music. Interesting plan we know, however we had the confidence that Olly's amazing talents and showmanship would convert our dismissive friend... did it work..?

Aussie new comer Bonnie Anderson was the support act for Olly and our immediate thoughts were... 'wow'! This girl can SING! One of the most natural and powerful voices we've ever heard live, we were very impressed with Bonnie. 

She was great with the crowd too, chatting with and thanking the crowd as well as getting us all revved up for Olly. She played for us some of her own penned tracks like Break The Ice and What Makes You Think before belting out an amazing version of Alicia Keys' classic Empire State Of Mind

We couldn't fault her vocally - just stunning, and this was re-enforced by her first single Raise The Bar which got the crowd pumping. We think we'll hear lots more from Bonnie Anderson - check out Raise The Bar on iTunes now..!

Now for Olly Murs. Aww Olly. His albums to-date have all been classics, including his current Right Place, Right Time album which features his track Army Of Two that kicked off the show. The crowd were all massive fans of this lad and the energy of the crowd only enlivened Olly more. 

Chatting to the crowd between songs he was as charming as ever, with his massive grin making its way all the way to the back of the venue. He followed up with our personal favourite Dance With Me Tonight which got our dancing shoes on, then another RPRT track, Personal. To say that he was powered by Energizer batteries would be an understatement - he was all over the stage, interacting with his band and singers and putting on a great show for us all. Vocally, spot on and the songs he picked were also just right.
Olly then gave us his new single Hand On Your Heart - knowing the album well, Hand On Your Heart is a great song to follow on from the success of other songs he performed like Trouble Maker, Army Of Two and Dear Darlin'.  Olly was great to recognise how the latter mentioned track was a massive success here in Australia, going Top 10 and is probably the most recognised track off the album - and also it's his own personal favourite track from RPRT

One of the things we loved most about the show was Olly recognising where he got his start - on X-Factor in the UK. Olly auditioned for the show with the Stevie Wonder classic, Superstition - a track he also performed for us on the night. We remember seeing Olly's audition on the talent show and he's lost none of the enthusiasm he put into that original performance plus he's gained a lot of experience and it shows.
Then on to performing more of his amazing back catalogue like Heart Skips A Beat, Oh My Goodness and Please Don't Let Me Go. Wow. We had an amazing time in the two hours we spent with Olly. We felt that he really exceeded our expectations as a performer, and we've no doubt that anyone who feels that a true artist cannot be discovered on a reality show, would feel totally set straight after watching this man perform. 

He's got a fan for life in us after this amazing night. And how did our guest feel about Olly after the show? He loves him. He was blown away by the energy of the man, the musicality of his tracks and Olly's pure talent. He's converted... as expected..!

Olly - we love you mate. Any time you want to come back to Australia we'll be there with bells on. And in the mean time we can keep enjoying your music - like his new video Hand On Heart - watch it here now and make sure you pick up his amazing album Right Place, Right Time on iTunes now..!

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