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Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Steve Clisby proves you CAN..!

At SCP we believe in people who follow their passion no matter what, which is why its great to see The Voice finalist and musician Steve Clisby telling his story…

Steve’s story is a personal one, from being a six year old who, inspired by his mother’s record collection, taught himself to play the piano and saxophone; to performing on the world stage and playing alongside Tina Turner and Jimi Hendrix. He has show no matter what, he has stuck to his dream to show he CAN.

Demonstrating his perseverance to achieve his goals, 67 year old Steve went on to become a finalist in the 2013 series of The Voice, where his story was embraced and he now continues to perform as a successful live artist across the country.

He has joined forces with Australia’s Commonwealth Bank whose lead campaign thought: When you believe you Can, you Can and launched Three Little Letters – a song especially written for the banks campaign, reinforcing the CAN philosophy and reflecting the story of Steve’s life-long love of music and his perseverance to achieve his goals.

The CAN philosophy is a commitment to continually working towards your goals. Throughout my career there have been times when I considered giving up, but with positivity and hard work I managed to persevere through the tough times andachieve things I never would have thought possible. I’m proud to be working with CommBank on the CAN concept which so closely mirrors my own life story,” said Mr Clisby.

Three Little Letters is a testament to Steve Clisby’s personal story – check out the sweet personal track below and you can grab your copy over at CommBank website now..!

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