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Tuesday, 29 October 2013

New Video Alert - Geri Halliwell - Half Of Me

Teasing us over the last week with snippets, Geri Halliwell drops the new video for Half Of Me but was it worth the wait

The uplifting and radio friendly track, produced by creative producers DNA, was actually well received by all at SCP HQ for the return of Ginger Spice to the charts, however the video confused us slightly.
It’s a simple video, set against a white backdrop that has a cast from all different walks of life and totally jumps on the diversity bandwagon, different background, gay, straight etc. Geri looks great in the video, however, apart from the two shirtless men (obviously) and a few oversized stuffed animals, it’s not that entertaining or ground breaking. Perhaps we were expecting something more, so to prewe’ll just play it on the SCP stereo for now.
The Spice Girls love Australia at the moment, as we earlier today caught up with Mel B for a chat. Stay tuned for our interview coming soon. Until then over to Ginger Spice and Half Of Me.
Let us know your thoughts of the video in the comments below. Half Of Me is available on iTunes now..!

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