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Tuesday, 8 October 2013

New Video Alert - Charlie Brown - Bones

We've featured Charlie Brown before on SCP - On My Way was a simply brilliant song that we're still loving months later. His next song Floodgates we did not feature as, frankly we didn't like it enough. We were hoping that Charlie had more than one amazing song in him - luckily, he does!!
Bones is the latest single from Charlie Brown and it, like On My Way is a brilliant song - full of beautiful melodies, soft vocals and it has hit written all over it. This guy has an amazing command of music and looks like he knows how to make a great video too! Bones has one visually stunning video - filmed in black and white, there are however splashes of colour in the form of smoke and an aurora borealis style colourful lights in the sky. The effect is beautiful and almost hypnotising - it fits the song perfectly. We're loving Bones Charlie - have a watch here for yourself..!

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