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Monday, 21 October 2013

New Single Alert - Lady Gaga - Do What You Want feat R Kelly

If you are chomping at the bit for the new Lady Gaga album ArtPop, you’ll love the next three weeks, as Mother Monster releases a track a week and first up is Do What U Want…
First teasing fans with the below artwork of the singers butt, she dropped an album track today, which is all part of the iTunes promotional countdown to the albums release.

 Featuring guest vocal from R Kelly, the first listen threw us a bit, as it’s a combo of Gaga trademark quirk radio friendly pop, early 90's dance music and a R&B-influence brought in by Mr Kelly. It’s also a hypersexual song with lyrics like "do what you want with my body" and “Back of the club, taking shots, getting naughty, No invitations, it's a private party”

Yet after a few listens its definitely a grower, with great production, strong vocals, a few Gaga trademark growls and a deep pulsating funky beat.

Lady Gaga will release a second song Venus which is Gaga official second single on Oct. 27 and a third song on Nov. 4. all building hype around the album release. Come on 11th November, we can’t wait..!

ArtPop is available on iTunes pre-oder now..!

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