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Friday, 4 October 2013

Is Britney Spears music autobiographical?

With Britney Spears having just released her new video Work Bitch, we got to thinking at SCP HQ about the videos of Britney’s past and how they not only provide us pure entertainment, but also a hidden story into the singers actual life

Think about it. Remember your favorite Britney track and the video attached. Is it just for fun or is it really the trapped singer narrating her life through songs? Let’s explore…

Britney is about to release her eighth studio album, however if we look over her discography many of the album tracks actually narrate parts of Brit's life. Baby One More Time was an obvious play on being young and yet played to the sexy school girl image. But was it really saying she was robbed of her childhood? 

Then with Lucky, off the Oops..! I Did It Again album, the singer’s fame at the time was out of control. However was this the first glimpse of us seeing the other side of fame and the girl trapped within the music industry machine, as she sings "But she cry, cry, cries in her lonely heart, thinking, if there's nothing missing in my life, then why do these tears come at night?"

In 2001, Britney was in her twenties and released the self-titled album Britney. Was this the first sign she wasn’t the innocent school girl anymore, singing in The Neptune’s produced track Boys. In her young adult phase of life she was just needing some male attention, crooning “Sometimes a girl just needs one (you know I need you.)” And let’s not forget the Dido penned track telling the world she’s growing up to be a woman in I'm Not a Girl, Not Yet a Woman...

In The Zone was even more biographical, as the singer poured out her heart in Everytime, her emotional apology to Mr. Justified, which remains the biggest ballad of her career. Even her greatest hits have given us a window into her issues, as we remembered thinking My Prerogative was her flipping off all the Federline haters.

Yet it has been her (best in our opinion) album Blackout that was perhaps her most narrative. The tracks on the album not only spoke of her failed relationship with K-Fed, but also spoke about her life in the limelight and being hounded by the paparazzi in Piece Of Me. You only need to see the sadness in the singer’s eyes in the documentary For The Record, along with her comeback album Circus, to feel she could only be describing her life after the turmoil she had gone through...

Speaking of Circus, lead track Womanizer seemed to be released as she was going through the strife with ex manager Larry Rudolph. Was she sending an underlying message to the world of her life under his reign?

So far the only album that hasn’t been telling a story of the singer’s life is the brilliant Femme Fatale. It makes us want to believe that maybe she has finally found her inner zen and just wants to release amazing pop tracks. Unless she thinks the world is going to end…

Britney may not write most of her songs, but she and the label pick ones that give us a window into her issues for sure.  It’s definitely some food for thought, as the singer prepares to release her eighth studio album and 2-year residency at Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas.

Will she give us further subliminal messages throughout her songs & videos? Or will the singer have finally found that inner peace..?

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