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Thursday, 24 October 2013

Introducing - Crayon Pop

Regular readers of SCP will know we love a bit of K-Pop and there is something slightly weird, drawing, pop fuelled and fun around this new band Crayon Pop

The Korean pop sensation began to draw interest due to their unique stage outfits and choreography, especially after the video for a dance version of their song Bar Bar Bar went viral. They climbed the Korean digital music charts, reaching #1 on the weekly Billboard K-Pop Hot 100 chart after a  6 weeks from release and we can understand why...

After first listen it was cute
After second listen we were foot tapping
After the third listen it was starting to become addictive

Crayon Pop consists of members Cho-A, Way, Ellin, Gummi and Soyul, and have always strived to be different to the perfectly groomed, sexy girl bands that the world is accustomed to. Instead the group gains attention for their intentionally funny act and their unique costumes ranging from school uniforms, motorcycle suits with helmets, and the iconic yellow jumpsuits made famous by action star Bruce Lee.

The girls’ unique dance moves, such as those displayed in the straight-Five Engine Dance, have now become their trademark with fans worldwide regularly uploading their recreations to YouTube.

Crayon Pop will be in Australia and New Zealand to promote their new single from the 4th - 8th of November and we actually can't wait to meet them..!

Check out Bar Bar Bar below and dare you not to become addicted..!

P.S We are sure they name drop Donna Hay in the song!!!

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