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Friday, 18 October 2013

Five Aussie dance acts we are loving right now..!

Regular readers of SCP know we love a great dance anthem and we are proud that Australia is growing such great homegrown talent, so we look at some of the Aussie bands leading the way…
Whether is blasting out on the radio in your car, the soundtrack to your summer with mates or raging to wee hours of the morning with someone you just met, a good dance tuuuune can’t be overlooked. Here are 5 we are loving right now...

The Kite String Tangle
BrisVegas (Brisbane) local and all round sex symbol Danny Harley, has stepped away from his 5 piece electronic/dance group Pigeon to form one of the most talked about electronic solo acts of 2013.  Skillfully texture, with subtle layers of sounds it is sex for the ears… and it certainly isn’t hard work on the eyes!  Melt away with Given The Chance..!

This Indie/Electro 3 piece heralding from Australia’s Capital City, Canberra combine synthetic, often syncopated beats, pop keys and ethereal vocals supplied and produced by front man Ben Woolner.  Touring with other Electro outfit Rufus on their Atlas Tour, you can be excused for thinking a trio of youngster may have a pretty light sound, when in fact their live shows have made such an impact on punters that they have.returned to their share accommodation or beat-nic hangouts exclaiming “Rufus who?”  Check Out Listen to Soul, Listen to Blues..!

Flight Facilities
Hugo Gruzman and James Lyell, are known to well rounded Sydney clubbers as Hugo & Jimmy but are collectively known as Flight Facilities.  Combining Disco, House and Pop with swooning vocals from such artists as Giselle Roselli and rising star Elizabeth Rose- their live shows are second to none!
With their numerous front people joined by a full band and horn section tihat beautifully compliments the duo’s energetic pop beats.  Safe to say Flight Facilities will have an increasingly busy festival circuit ahead of them come summer. Groove to I Didn’t Believe feat. Elizabeth Rose 

Cut Copy
 It’s hard to think that this group have been around for well over a decade… Maybe im showing my age, but after attending numerous gigs during their Hearts on Fire Tour a band member pointed me out and may/or may not have made stalking allegations against me!  No charges were made, but I digress!
Commercial and critical success came with the release of Zonoscope, winning an ARIA in 2011 for Best Dance Release and being nominated for a Grammy for Best Dance/Electronic Release and with a new album on the horizon we are expecting more summer beats and grooves from these pioneers of Aussie Electro. Check out latest track Free Your Mind and stay tuned for our interview with the boys coming soon..!

Their debut album Atlas peaked at a casual Number 1. position on the ARIA charts then after 6 weeks and some sell out shows across Australia is still sitting in the top 20! Not Bad from an elctro/pop 3 piece from Sydney. Let's end on this great track Take Me..!

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