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Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Album Review - Miley Cyrus - Bangerz

Our very own Ms Controversy Miley Cyrus has dropped her new album Bangerz, however does her music stand up to all the attention she has been trying to obtain herself…

If you remove the controversy Cyrus is delivering us each week, she is also a pop singer apparently. While the weekly antics to get noticed by the world, do keep us entertained at SCP HQ, we are here to judge the music. Her first two tracks We Can’t Stop and Wreckingball sparked our interest so was intrigued as to what her new album Bangerz would be like. Let us take you on a take by track breakdown...

Adore You
Interesting album opening number with this piano driven slow tempo deep ballad which sings of her love for new flame as she croons “where have you been all my life”, we can only presume the track is written about her ex finance Hemsworth before MileyGate began. A sweet track that confesses how much the singer loves him “ I could do this for eternity, you & me” and “ when you say you love, no I love you more”. Aaah bless.
4/5 Tongues

We Can’t Stop
Definitely one of the strongest tracks on the album with its dance dub beats that basically set the theme for MileyGate to commence.
4/5 Tongues

This is a very interesting collaboration teaming up with Britney Spears, however not surprising due to being managed by Mr Larry. SMS is not referencing a text message, it means Strutting My Stuff which is a sexually charged track with lines like “How do I keep a man, I keep a battery pack”
2.5/5 Tongues

Second collaboration, this time with a great rap from Mr. six pack Nelly. An interesting track that sings of being a “female rebel”, that’s a bit country, full of hand claps, an infectious beat, snare and bass drums and a few Spanish guitars.
4/5 Tongues

Mr Darlin
Song pleading a lover to stand by her and support her through anything, as she and guest Future chant “My Darlin stand by me”
3/5 Tongues

Wrecking Ball
The video aside, the track is a beautiful pop ballad with dark edges about how she is destroyed by his love “his spell” and she came in like a wreck over her love for him. Sounds like someone is a bit possessive
4/5 Tongues

Love Money Party
Too try hard to be Lady Gaga here with her very similar titled track and theme to Mother Monsters Money Honey but fails to deliver.
1/5 Tongues

Another title track with a hashtag *groan*, however this is more upbeat and the first track that reminds us of the Miley Cyrus we once knew. Full of guitar rifts, whistling, sweat uplifting beats and who doesn’t love a few Xylophone chimes mid track..!
3/5 Tongues

Back to the dark beats and synths with this mid tempo track, which is a bit bland and doesn’t really go anywhere. Definitely not a driving song!
2/5 Tongues

Featuring French Montana this track opens up like a dramatic Broadway number then drops more deep dub beats as Miley sings more aggressive lyrics “I’ve got two two two letters for you” – charming!
2/5 Tongues

Do My Thang
Think the album is starting to fall apart after such a strong start. Confusing track crossing dance & dub step, with Miley trying to channel her inner Nicki Minaj in the verses telling the world she’s doing it the way she wants. You would never have guess Miley!
0/5 Tongues

Maybe Your Right
Bit Country again and wouldn’t be out of place on a Carrie Underwood album. Pleasant enough but nothing that exciting
2.5/5 Tongues

Someone Else
Hang on we’ve dropped into  club with this dance fuelled track, mixed with a bit of dub step again. Reckon the remixes of this track would be interesting.
3/5 Tongues

Rooting For My Baby
Hand breaks on, we’ve changed paces again with this guitar mid tempo track with it “hoo hoo”s and a chilled summer tingled vibe
2/5 Tongues

On My Own
Funky beats guitars, similar to Get Lucky but not a funk-a-licious, instead a bit edgier. But a god track with its summer tings and a good slice of pop for a chorus.
4/5 Tongues

Hands In The Air
For a song call hands in the air, you’d expect a dance anthem that makes you wanna punch the sky, alas no. Miley ends this confusing album with a mid tempo R&B dub step featuring Ludacris and misses the mark.
0/5 Tongues

In summary, we know that Miley has been doing everything in her power to distance herself from the Hannah Montana alter-ego yet she is trying to be too many different things on this album. There are some really good tracks however there are also some wrecks comes across as Miley trying to be too different to be cool which is not needed. Our advice Miley, find yourself again and then music will just flow.

Overall - 2.5 / 5 Tongues

Bangerz is available on iTunes now..!

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