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Saturday, 14 September 2013

Work, Brit! - Britney's Greatest Triumphs..!

The arrival of Britney Spears' new single is imminent (pardon us while we explode from joy!) and the title couldn't be more appropriate. She's had many an epic moment in the more than 20 years she's been gracing us with her incomparable Spearsyness, but it's the triumphs she had to really work for that are most impressive. Here's a rundown of the best...

Ever performed in a singing competition? It's not easy. Especially if you're only 10. And the world is watching (not to mention Ed McMahon). ...and you lose. But did Brit give up? Nope. She kept at it and scored a slot on the new Mickey Mouse Club. Bet you can't remember the name of the guy who beat her.

And then she scored a record deal, no small feat for someone in her teens. But the record company wanted complete control, and wanted to animate her on a spinning record for the video. Ms. Spears put her Femme Fatale foot down for the first of many times and threw on the school uniform that will be remembered as THE school uniform representing American history. Seriously. They'll be teaching it in like 50 years.

We thought Britney and Justin Timberlake would last forever. We even doodled Britney <3's JT all over our notebooks (which was kinda creepy, as we was in our 20s...). But when they split and Brit-Brit was the subject of JT's monster hit Cry Me a River, it seemed that public opinion had turned against her. Wrongo, world! Her emotional apology to Mr. Justified, Everytime, was a huge success and remains the biggest ballad of her career.
Britney's early albums always had 4 official singles released, and as avid fans, we can name them all. But you may only remember 3 from In the Zone. That's 'cuz she hurt her knee pretty badly on the video shoot for planned 4th single, Outrageous. They had to scrap it, but that didn't stop her. When we hurt ourself, we usually stay home and whine about it for days. But Britney put together a greatest hits video and recorded one of her most epic videos in My Prerogative, without even needing to stress that knee.

And then there's the biggest triumph, that stemmed from what some viewed as a tragedy and the end of her career. We all remember that MTV performance of Gimme More. It was far from her best work, and many folks wrote the eulogy for the Years of the Spears. But Britney kept at it and even with no hair, released one of the best pop albums of all time, going on to win a slew of awards for Blackout, putting the hate to rest. Even then, most thought she'd never perform that song again, but in true Britney fashion, she flipped the song and performed the heck out of it on her amazing Femme Fatale tour.

And that's how you do it..!

How you maintain a 15 year pop triumphant pop career despite devastating personal and professional setbacks. If early reports are any indication, the #werk that Brit has put into her upcoming 8th studio album will blow us all away. And we won't be the tiniest bit surprised. You can check out her triumphant Femme Fatale Tour on iTunes , and watch her better-the-second-time-around performance of Gimme More on as you eagerly anticipate album 8 below..!

Written by Wesley Ryan 

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