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Monday, 23 September 2013

(Re)Introducing One Direction - a beginners guide..!

1D is back in Australia! We've all been waiting for this! Well, most of us. Believe it or not, a few sheltered people have managed to avoid any knowledge of this world-dominating mega group. So join us as we literally meet 1D for the first time and relive what it's like to fall in love at first sight...
Darn these boys are cute! But we guess we should start with the music. We figured a good place to begin would be Best Song Ever. If that title doesn't peak your interest, we don't know what would. It's definitely catchy and has us intrigued to learn more. First 1D Itunes purchase! (We'll probably tell our grandkids about this someday).

Next up? A song called One Thing. Okay, this is very sweet. And oddly familiar...Wait! We heard this at Target once! Sold! Scrolling through Itunes...What Makes You Beautiful? The song from Glee? Well, colour us surprised. Turns out we're more familiar with 1D's musical domination than we thought. We just need to get to know the fellas themselves. Bring it on, Wikipedia!

First up is Niall Horan. Definite eye candy but also plays guitar. We love a little instrument playing from our boy bands. Also, definitely getting an Ashley Parker Angel vibe from this one. Coif that blonde hair to the ceiling sir! Zayn Malik's a looker as well, and this kid has some definite style. Will his engagement to Little Mix's Perrie Edwards make them the next Selena & Justin? For their sakes, let's hope not (though the tabloids are ready to pounce for sure).

To be in a band called ONE direction, Liam Payne sure does seem to take lots of different ones with his appearance. All of his pictures look different (but equally adorable). Speaking of adorable, we just Googled Louis Tomlinson and the first image was him holding a koala. That's all we really needed to see. And then of course there's Harry Styles, the one we heard about from a certain country heartbreaker. If these pics are any indication, she prolly had a hard time lettin' this one go, no wonder she recorded I Knew You Were Trouble as he definitely looks like he is..!

Okay, so the singles are good pop fun, and we've established they're all attractive. That's enough to make a good boy band right? but is there that something extra to turn us into fans? In a word...YES. 

An acoustic slowed down love song is the final ingredient for a perfect pop pretty boy recipe. Little Things reached inside us and pulled out every one of our tweenage girl dreams. And with that, we're officially Directioners! Check out the song that turned us on iTunes and get ready for their Aussie domination all over again..!

Written by Wesley Ryan 

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