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Thursday, 19 September 2013

New Video Alert - Little Boots - Satellite

Electropop singer-songwriter and DJ Little Boots, is releasing the fifth video off her brilliant sophomore album Nocturnes full synthpop nu-disco tracks and this is no exception…

The upbeat nu-disco track, has a new video that was directed by Little Boots herself and once again proves why this album will appear on the SCP Pop Album of the Year shortlist.

The video see’s a younger Little Boots (aka Annalise Gray - Little Little Boots if you will), strutting her stuff in a ballroom dance competition, yet the room is empty as she is in her own world. There are explosions of glitter and dance moves we’ve regularly seen attempted at SCP HQ on a Friday’s yet not as impressive.

If you haven’t check out Little Boots Nocturnes album yet, where have you been? It’s a pure pop delights with amazing hooks and tunes that are infused with 90s house, seventies disco and futuristic electronics beats.

Nocturnes are available on iTunes now..!

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