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Thursday, 12 September 2013

New Video Alert - The Cataracs - Big Dipper ft Luciana

As regular SCP reader know we have a huge soft spot for electro pop queen and close friend Luciana, so have been waiting very patiently for the video to accompany the collaboration with The Cataracs on brilliant track Big Dipper. Well we need wait no more as its finally here…

The track is full of electro hooks, deep base, smooth raps and of course the brilliant guest vocals by Luciana was released back in April and is a sure fire party anthem.

“So excited to finally release the music video for my new track "Big Dipper," exclaims Niles “Cyrano” Hollowell-Dhar who has delivered some amazing electro tracks previous like Like A G6 and Bass Down Low. 

Speaking of the new video the singer/producer and rising electro pop master said  “My 3 fav things about it: 1) It features Luciana who has the coolest fuckin voice I've ever heard 2) It was directed by the legendary Colin Tilley and 3) I got to ride naked on top of a moving car.”

The video directed by Colin Tilley, see’s Nick innocently pulling up at a fast food drive through, before getting car jacked by a sexy hooded siren, who proceeds to kidnap, drug hit, throw him in a middle of a hedonistic club night and seduce him. Sounds like most nights we’ve had out..!

A great track, full of naughty innuendo and the queen & master of electro pop having a wild night out. Perfect!

Check out the fun video below and grab you copy of Big Dipper  on iTunes now..!

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