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Monday, 16 September 2013

New Single Alert - The Wanted - Show Me Love (America)

Soon The Wanted would have released so many singles off their forthcoming album Word Of Mouth, it maybe not worth the wait, as they drop the fifth single Show Me Love (America)…

The new track from the UK boy band is a ballad that was co-written by Nathan Skyes and follows other previous singles Walk Like Rihanna and We Own The Night. The track is about a failing relationship as the boys sing "For a minute I thought the world was ours / All you had to do was show me love."

Speaking to about the track Skyes said "Personally, for me, there's a song called 'Show Me Love' and it's a song I wrote in an afternoon with a friend of mine. And it really means a lot to me 'cause it kind of goes into how hard it is to hold a relationship when you're in this business, traveling the world and stuff like that," he told us about the slow jam.

"And it's just saying to someone 'I could have shown you the world but obviously we're on different paths.' I think that's kind of how a lot of people in this industry kind of feel, but I think it's very relatable to a lot of the fans as well because sometimes in life that just happens and people end up on different paths and it just doesn't work out."

Interesting to add America on the end of the title, seems the boys have forgotten their UK roots

The track is the fifth to be released off their third studio album that is due on (currently) on Nov 4th

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