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Friday, 13 September 2013

New Single Alert - Timomatic - Waterfalls

Continuing our Australia’s Got Talent theme today at SCP HQ, Timomatic has released new single Waterfalls and we have behind the scene footage of the new video…

The Timomatic brand is becoming quite big! Waterfalls follows on the back of the success of his top 5 Aria and double platinum hit Parachute, which was the most watched video in July across Australia on YouTube, with just under 700k views.

After a writing trip in the US late last year, Mr Matic has been working with some of the hottest writers and producers. Waterfalls is co-written by singer/dancer/presenter and Swedish song writer / producer Arnthor Birgisson

“I was scheduled to do a short Studio session with Arnthor and he played me the raw bed of what was to be later known as "Waterfalls" and instantaneously rhythmic syllables started flowing from my mouth. I got to writing straight away and within four hours Waterfalls was born.  I feel this song represents where I am going as an artist, and I know it will inspire people young and old to dance and sing along!” explains Tim.

A teaser to the high octane video can be seen below 

Not sure about the tracksuit Tim! The track continues the dance fuelled anthem style we have come to expect from Timomatic, that will definitely be a dance floor pleaser due to the dub step beats and club appeal.

Check out the new single in full below. Timomatic currently appears as a judge on the new look Australia’s Got Talent, alongside Dawn French, Geri Halliwell and Kyle Sandilands, airing on the Nine Network Sundays 6.30pm.

Waterfalls is available on iTunes now..!

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