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Tuesday, 17 September 2013

New Single Alert - Laura Pausini with Kylie Minogue - Limpido

Some of you may know that there is a very large Italian community in Australia. Melbourne and Sydney have some of the largest Italian populations outside of Italy – even one of SCP team is half Italian! So when you combine the best of Italy and Australia you get something pretty special and that’s what we have with Limpido... 

The biggest and best selling female artists from both countries, Italy’s Laura Pausini and Australia’s Kylie Minogue have teamed up for this fantastic new single Limpido, with both singing in their native tongues, as well as together in Italian, and remarkably it works so well!

‘Limpido’ is Italian for ‘clear’ and it’s clear that the Italian’s love this collaboration with Limpido going straight to number one on the charts there. 

Bringing a real flavour of the styles from both artists you’ll be sure to hear Limpido on the airwaves everywhere soon..!

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