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Monday, 2 September 2013

Lady Gaga performs all new material at opening of iTunes Festival..!

The month long iTunes Festival 2013 was kicked off this week by Lady Gaga with the Poker Face singer deciding to only showcase totally new material from her forthcoming album ArtPop. We have details, photo's and full video footage…

After cutting her Born This Way tour short, as the pop star needed to recover from a broken hip, the return of Gaga to the stage at the Camden gig set the pop web alight last week and was a star-studded line up, with the likes of Adele and One Direction all wanting to catch Mother Monsters new material.

An interesting move by Gaga to preview only her new album ArtPop, including Aura, Jewels & Drugs, Sex Dreams and ending with new single Applause, which may have left a few fans disappointed, though did say to her fans ‘To say that I’ve missed you, it’s a bit of an understatement’
Along with the stars, were many of Gaga fans dressed in outfits of pig snouts, big hair and artclothes, inspired by the singers recent photographs on Instagram
There were a massive seven costume changes through out the performance and similar to her MTV VMA performance, most taking place on stage, showing how real singer named Stefani Germanotta creates the persona of Lady Gaga and at one point removed a wig saying
"This is my real hair," revealing a cute, jet black bob continuing saying "I used wigs for a long time to become different people… when I didn't feel strong enough to be me"

"In order to grow, I knew I had to show you what's underneath all the theatre, so here I am." which supports Gaga’s pervious comments around the new album that she wanted to strip back her music [on this album] and show the real her.

The standout track at the moment was Applause, with most other tracks being very experimental, pushing the commercial pop boundaries again and a far step away from the chart topping hits that Gaga first delivered on The Fame  and The Fame Monster. We're still holding judgement till we get our hands on the album in full.

Here’s the full setlist...


Jewels & Drugs

Sex Dreams


I Wanna Be With You


Check out the FULL performance below.
 ArtPop is available on iTunes pre-order now and due for release in November..!

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