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Friday, 27 September 2013

Introducing... AJR..!

There’s a new boyband on the block named AJR, they are American, they are brothers, they cute, they are talented and are coming to a radio near you…

AJR is a three-piece brother band consisting of Adam, 23, Jack, 16, and Ryan, 19. No ordinary band, the AJR brothers write, produce, edit, and record in their living room. Emerging as the Americas’ newest pop boy band, they are rapidly increasing their success rate and becoming a hot new entity. Let's meet the boys..

The identical looking brother’s are Adam 23, who sings, plays bass and writes lyrics. Similarly, Jack who is still at High School, sings, plays guitar and contributes to songwriting and middle child Ryan, 19 and is the primary writer/producer for the group; in addition he plays guitar, ukulele, piano and sings.

Following the release of Infinity, an extremely catchy, perfect pop song that will having you singing every chorus before the song is over and supporting Demi Lovato, the boys are delivering from the series of on-going Tuesday releases named New Track Tuesday, releasing new singles via their Facebook page.

We like these boys, as they definitely fit the boy band mould, yet also have the talent to back it up, with producing their own music and all. They are similar to the Jonas Brothers  and will sure have the girls swooning for the new trio boy band on the block..!

Check out our fav track below..!

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