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Saturday, 21 September 2013

Are you ready for One Direction fever to hit Australia?

It’s been a patient wait for One Direction Australian fans as their Take Me Home tour tickets went on sale a massive 18 months ago when the boys were last in town. As Harry, Liam, Niall, Louis and Zayn jet their way to our shores, are you ready for the 1D juggernaut to hit town…

The excitement is already building for some fans, as they have starting to gather at Adelaide’s Airport earlier today, in the chance of seeing one of the boy band mega group. The boy get ready to commence their month long tour playing their first gigs at Adelaide Entertainment Centre on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.

Niall has already arrived and being spotted hanging out in Melbourne, whilst Harry these last few days, has been spotted holidaying over in California at Venice Beach. Yet if the rumors are true, all the boyband will be on Australian soil by tonight, with Liam, Zayn and Louis seen departing London Heathrow this morning.

We can here a million 1D screaming girl (& boy) fans now..!

Interestingly, their new film This Is Us, has been released across Australia this week, which is a a documentary based film on the boys lifestyle and touring the world. Even though it will give 1D  fans close and personal access to their pop heartthrobs, so far it has been very poorly received by critics, with reviews saying the film highlights the reality of the music business, showing scenes of their grueling schedule and the sense of loss their families feel,  after not seeing their boys from basically day 1 after being formed on the X-Factor by Simon Cowell. Some of their parents even buy cardboard cut outs of their sons..!

SCP will reserve judgment till we see the film ourselves this weekend, as we are just a little bit excited to get a glimpse of behind the scenes of this boy band. After all, the boys definitely know how to shift some records, selling over sold 19 million singles and 10 million albums since 2010 and have their new album Midnight Memories, due out later this year.

Like them or not, they are here for a month, taking in all major cities across Australia and taking over you radio, TV, theatre and daily papers near you soon..!

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