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Thursday, 22 August 2013

New Video Alert - Enrique Iglesias - Turn The Night Up

Though one of the sexiest men alive in pop, that even SCP wouldn't say no too, its great to see Enrique Iglesias looking a bit worse for wear as he releases new video for Turn The Night Up...

Preparing to release his tenth studio album ( we know he doesn’t look old enough for 10 albums) Enrique Iglesias continues the dance pop vibe with trippy electro beats and early rave theme. The track is produced by The Cataracs and has a video directed by Yasha Malekzad, and produced by Artist Preserve Ltd

It’s a fast paced video that is all about drinking and partying the night away and even though Enrique looks a little out of it, man does he still look gorgeous and he's shirtless!

*it honestly does make us feel better than Enrique can look slightly rough at times!
Check out the new clip below and grab your copy of Turn Up The Night on iTunes now..!

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