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Tuesday, 20 August 2013

New Single Alert - The Saturdays - Disco Love

The Saturdays are back with new single call Disco Love but does it make us wanna grab our rollerskates and head to the party or make us want to have an excuse to watch paint dry…

The Brit girl group are one of SCP favs pop groups on the planet, however risked their place on fav list when their last single Gentleman failed to impress us after previously delivering some corker pop tracks.

Well, the third single from their fourth upcoming album, the track is SOOOOOOOO much what we have come to expect from The Saturdays, it’s uplifting, catchy, full of pop loving beats, a great chorus and has a slightly 80’s vibe.

Welcome back The Saturdays, you are now back on our fav pop list and we are excited about your new album. Well done. Disco Love is will be released on October 6th..!

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