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Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Countdown to new Britney Spears material is on..!

STOP PRESS, hold all calls, as its the news SCP HQ have been waiting for, as Britney Spears has started the countdown to her new material and we have details…

Producer Naughty Boy said in a recent interview with Digital Spy, who worked with Spears on her upcoming album, that the new album is not far away saying "It's not out for another couple of weeks, but we've just started working on tracks for her until the studio session,"  Continuing saying "It was William Orbit who approached me to work on it and he is involved in the album. I'm just really excited about working with him as well as Britney."

Yes that's right, you read correctly, William Orbit has been working on the new Britney album recently saying on Facebook “We've songs to die for." teaming up with pop superstar Interestingly the tag line on the countdown that has appeared on Britney Spears website saying All Eyes On Me, which is a obvious salute to the singer's recent collaboration with the Black Eyed Peas front man and the worldwide smash Scream & Shout.

The album will follow up the hugely brilliant and fantastic album Femme Fatale that truly returned the 31 year old singer to the pop charts and will be the I Wanna Go singers eight studio LP.

With only 28 days to release of the new Britney material, no-one is SCP HQ is goin to sleep as we will be Britney watch from now.


Why do we love Britney? this is why..!

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