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Sunday, 14 July 2013

Pete's Pop Picks

This month's Pete's Pop Picks is a decidedly international affair with artists sourced from South Africa to India to Scotland. Each song is a true Pop gem and we think you’ll love each of these unique Pop artists Pete has found for you eargasmic enjoyment! Take it away Pete..!

Nikki WilliamsGlowing
“I was born to do this, there is no plan B. This is it”. If that doesn’t show passion for music then I don’t know what would! For an artist who was discovered singing in a bathroom Nikki Williams has not followed the generic route to Pop stardom. Growing up in South Africa she entertained her parent’s guests with enthusiastic singing and dancing. That’s where her bug for entertaining blossomed. Following issues in their home-town, the country music loving family packed up and moved from Capetown to Nashville where a 16 year old Nikki found herself immersed in the Country Music lifestyle and found success with one of her songs which was featured in the Gywneth Paltrow movie Country Song. Country Music record execs were beating down her door but she refused them all and moved to L.A. to persue her passion for Pop. Hearing Nikki singing at the top of her lungs in a nightclub bathroom, record exec Breyton Prescott waited outside for her to emerge and after signing with Island Def Jam, Nikki has worked with some of the biggest hit-makers including Stargate and our very own Sia. After writing Demi Lovato’s smash hit Heart Attack, Nikki is now becoming the pop artist she wants to be with her brilliant Pop hit Glowing. Power Pop is an understatement of this hit-to-be and with the high level of sheer talent built into this pop starlet, we’ve got a lot to look forward to with Nikki Williams!! Glowing is more than deserving to be Pete’s Pop Pick of the month..!

Priyanka Chopra - Exotic feat. Pitbull

It seems that all you need these days to have a big hit is to have Pitbull in your corner!! It might be funny but it's true, it seems that everything that Pitbull touches turns to gold - it happened for J Lo in her ultra successful comeback. Now Indian superstar Priyanka Chopra is hoping a little of the Pitbull magic will help her crack into the English Pop Market. Exotic however has enough Pop magic to make it without Mr Bull though. this is one hot pop/dance track with enough Indian influence to make it all her own but not enough to turn off Bollywood haters. Loving this hot dance track and the soon to be released video is sure to show a much hotter side of this Bollywood star. All we can hope is that Paris Hilton doesn't recruit Pitbull now..!

Jai McDowellGot To Let Go
Jai McDowell’s ride to Pop music stardom has been a rollercoaster of experiences for this 26 year old Scotsman. Starting out as an opera singer with roles in musicals like Seven Brides for Seven Brothers and Fiddler On The Roof, he then changed tack and auditioned for X-Factor UK in 2010 but only reached boot camp before then applying for and winning Britain’s Got Talent in 2011. He relied on his Classical background with an amazing rendition of Josh Groban’s anthem, To Where You Are. Winning the title gave him a record deal with Sony and he released an album of covers which unfortunately did not have the chart success expected and after the one album contract ended he was dropped. Getting into a little stoush last year with Simon Cowell definitely did not help his career, but now Jai’s back with his own single Got To Let GoGot To Let Go is a great song – it really shows off Jai’s smooth vocals and the chorus is really sweet. Can Jai obtain the success he’s striving for with Got To Let Go? Only time will tell..!

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