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Friday, 5 July 2013

New Video Alert - Richard Vission vs Luciana - PRIMITIVE!

They've worked their magic together before in the smash single I Like That, then followed that up with When It Feels This Good,  the winning duo Richard Vission and our pop lover Luciana are back with another infectious dance track Primitive...

If it isn't broken why fix it is what we say and when two artists work brilliantly together and produce great dance tracks, then why mess with a winning formula.

She told Vibe, where the track premiered a few days ago, that the making of the video directed by handsome J.B. Ghuman Jr was  "Our new video 'PRiMiTiVE' is like 'Alice in Wonderland' meets 'Voltron' (the '80s cartoon). It's a story within a story...a dream within a nightmare...which all unravels at the end." And when you watch it you will understand why she said this!

It’s another cracking dance anthem, that just will cement this duo as electro masters.
Check out the fantastic video and crank up the volume..! 

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