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Monday, 29 July 2013

New Video Alert – Eli Lieb – Young Love

SCP is very supportive of LGBTI community, however not that long ago, if you saw a same sex couple on a screen it was so shocking it could make headlines. So much headway has been made that it almost seem natural to see a love story between two men or two women. This is the story with the new video for out-and-proud Eli Lieb and his new single Young Love...
Not only is this a beautiful & harmonious yet strong pop song that tells the story of a young couple, it’s has a video that complements it by showing a love story regardless of gender.

Eli has been a YouTube star for some time now after leaving the Mid-West of the USA for the bright lights of New York and he’s now breaking into the Pop music market on the strength of pure talent and a real passion for music. We love Young Love – not only for the great Pop song it is, but also because it’s breaking down barriers. Have a watch for yourself here now..!

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