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Tuesday, 23 July 2013

New Video Alert - Bonnie McKee - American Girl

Behind all great pop stars are great writer’s, however sometimes those writers need to step out from the shadows and step into the spotlight themselves. Let us introduce you to the fun and talented Bonnie McKee

 Katy Perry's co-writer, Bonnie McKee steps on her own with debut American Girl video. You can tell she has worked with the Part Of Me singer as they track is very Katy Perry esk with a fun uplifting beat, playful lyrics and a ripper chorus that gets stuck in your head. The track will serve as the debut single off her debut album, which will be available later on this year.

The video, directed by Justin Francis, follows Bonnie and some friends as they embrace a perfect summer day; check out some boys, doing some shopping, stir up some trouble at a 7-11, tanning by the pool and the way any good summer day ends: house party! Sounds like a normal day at the SCP Office..!

We think Bonnie has a good chance to stay in the spotlight if she continue to produces fun tracks like this!

American Girl is available on iTunes now..!

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