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Thursday, 4 July 2013

New Single Alert - Samantha Jade - Firestarter

Samantha Jade’s debut single What You Done To Me was, by SCP’s standards is just pure pop at its best. When we interviewed X-Factor Australia singer at the end of last year, she said she would be back with even more power pop. We’ll she’s back with new single Firestarter however does it deliver...

In short yes. Its pop-perfection if you will, that delivers a track that wouldn’t be out of place on a Kylie album. Teaming up with writer/producers DNA once more, Samantha co-penned her new single Firestarter. “It was great to go back into the studio with the guys who had helped make that magic on my first single. I feel really comfortable with them, and they completely understand where I’m coming from as an artist. Together, I think we make a really strong collaborative team”.

Firestarter is really just about getting the party started and getting a great vibe happening,” continues Samantha. “We wrote it in a way where you could take it in a few different ways, but it’s all about getting someone in a good mood, and getting their ignition going,” she says, adding that when it comes to getting her own fire going, it’s all about good music and good people. “I just want people to enjoy it and have fun with it.”

Charging out with an international pop/dance sound that Rihanna and Kylie would be proud to call their own, Firestarter is an exuberant celebration which firmly reinforces Samantha Jade’s sound and style. “I don’t know where I fit in with in relation to other artists as such, but my music is definitely in the pop arena,” Samantha says modestly. “The single is a fresh pop song and I think that I’d be honored to follow in the footsteps of any pop artists who’ve dedicated themselves to their music and their career, and given 100% to their own performances.”

Currently working on her new studio album which is due out later this year - and which she promises will be a versatile original project with its roots in pop, dance and R&B. She has come a long since winning the reality TV show last year.

“I seriously look back on where I was this time last year and I pinch myself because I never thought I’d be in this position now… I really didn’t. Everything feels so perfect right now, and I just want the party to continue. I want to take it up a notch again and share the excitement and energy with everyone that’s supported me over this incredible year.”

Well if you keep releasing songs like this Samantha Jade, the party will never stop. Check out the track below and get your dancing shoes on..!

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