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Wednesday, 24 July 2013

New Single Alert - Pitbull - Outta Nowhere Feat. Danny Mercer

With the release of Pitbull’s latest single Outta Nowhere it got us thinking… how many artists has Pitbull helped? He’s been the featured artist on so many singles from musicians struggling to be noticed or looking to re-invigorate their career and you know what? 9 times out of 10 it’s worked… brilliantly. Let’s look at the proof…
He’s helped Alexandra Burke on All Night Long, brought back Enrique Iglesias with I Like How It Feels, had J Lo back to the top of the charts with Live It Up, Dance Again & On The Floor, made Christina Aguilera relevant again with Feel This Moment… the list goes on and on. 

The music world has Pitbull to thank for many amazing songs and renewed careers. The latest to benefit from his magic is Danny Mercer. Danny is a talented artist of his own working with Akon, The Wanted and as well as writing Boomerang for Nicole Scherzinger

Now his careers been given the injection of fame it needs with the release of Outta Nowhere. Danny is the featured artist and we can see why Pitbull picked him – his vocals are magic on the track which is a lot less dancy than his others but works very well. He’s already being noticed as Outta Nowhere is already moving up the charts and before long we’ll see the Danny Mercer singles! 

Check out Outta Nowhere and the next big name Danny Mercer here now..!

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