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Thursday, 18 July 2013

New Single Alert - Paulini - Heartbreak Is Over

The last time we brought you a song from Paulini it was for her single Fireman. Whilst we actually loved the track, it was pretty cheesy – though the firemen at Mardi Gras loved the track! Well one of Australia’s best vocalists is now back with a serious dance hit...
with Heartbreak Is Over. This is a very mature dance hit and even Paulini’s vocals have reached a new level. If this was released by J Lo or Lady GaGa it would be an instant hit but we’re kinda glad this belongs to Paulini. No video yet unfortunately but this is a track deserving of residence at the top of the charts. If you love a power vocal  Pop track with a wicked dance beat and catchy chorus that just makes you wanna dance, you'll love Heartbreak Is Over - out now on iTunes..!

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