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Sunday, 14 July 2013

New Single Alert - Kristoffer Rahbek - Junkie For Love

You'd assume that with a name like Kristoffer Rahbek he’d be from a Scandinavian country… and you’d be right! With all the Pop focus generally on the Sweden it’s easy to forget about the Denmark – where this upcoming Pop prince is from. Some call him the Danish Justin Bieber...
and while we can understand the tag we’re not so sure. Lately Justin has gone more R&B in his style, whilsy Kristoffer is pure Pop – just what we like. As a 16 year old, Kristoffer started recording himself singing along to music in his bathroom and he was happy with 20 views on YouTube per month. Things soon went crazy and he was soon signed to Universal Music. Now an 18 year old, Kristoffer has a real command of Pop and the styling of his new single Junkie For Love is spot on. It’s quite catchy and you can sing along almost from the first listen with plenty of those 'la la la la la la’s' we love! He is undoubtedly handsome, with a great voice and has that Pop sound we just love and we look forward to following Kristoffer’s Pop journey..!

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